Stone cross in St Nicholas' Churchyard.

(Photo taken: 1980's 2004 )

Greater love
hath no man
than this.

1914: Geo.Theo. Griffith Clark. Henry French.

William John Poore. Charles Turton.

Leonard George Wedge.

1915: Cha. Edw. Burrows. William Challis.

William Albert Goulding.

1916: Fra. Jearrad Bowker. Cha. Bowley. Albert Brackstone.

Albert Burgess. Lanoe Geo. Hawker. Tho. Cha. Langford Read.

Charles Thomas Smith.

1917: Leonard Goodyear. Alfr. Will. Locke. Cecil Percy Fred Mills.

Arthur Wesson.

1918: William Victor Dobson. Frederick Geo. Goater. Alfr. Tom Gradidge. Edw. Hounsome.

Arthur Smith. Edward James Wedge. Edward Parker Wilkinson.

1919: George Brackstone. Walter Tubb.

On back of cross.

Erected by the parishioners
in honour of the
men of Longparish
who gave their lives in
the Great War

In St Nicholas' Church a Book of Remembrance.
(Was present in 1980's but not obviously there in 2004)

Col. Francis G. Bowker. Pte. Edward Hounsome.

Pte. Charles Bowley. Pte. Alfred Locke.

Pte. Albert Brackstone. Pte. Cecil Mills.

Pte. George Brackstone. Pte. William Poore.

Pte. Alfred Burgess. Pte. Thomas Read.

Pte. Charles Burroughs. Pte. Arthur Smith.

Pte. William Challis. Pte. Charles T. Smith.

Pte. George Clarke. Pte. Walter Tubb.

Pte. William Dobson. Pte. Charles Turton.

Pte. Henry French. Pte. Edward J. Wedge.

Pte. Frederick Goater. Pte. Leonard Wedge.

Pte. Leonard Goodyear. Pte. Arthur Wesson.

Pte. William Goulding. Sgt. Edward P. Wilkinson.

Pte. Alfred Gradidge.

Window in church on north wall to:

Major Lanoe George Hawker. V.C. D.S.O. R.F.C. 13th Dec. 1890. 23rd Nov. 1916.