Stone plaque on village hall

1985 2004

(An extension added to hall after 1st photo taken.)

War Memorial Hall
erected to commemorate victory
in the Great War. 1914 - 1919.
and to the honoured memory of the men of
Lockerley and East Dean
who laid down their lives for King and Country

First column.

2nd Lieut. B.P. Baugh. H.A.C.

Pte. E.J. Betteridge. 2nd Hamps.

Sergt. Maj. J. Betteridge. M.M. 2/4th Hamps.

Pte. W.A. Betteridge. 1st Hamps.

Pte. W.T. Betteridge. 5th Wilts.

1st C. Stkr. F.J. Cannons. H.M.S. Good Hope.

Pte. G. Cooper. 2nd Hamps.

Pte. A.R. Day. 2nd Dorset.

Stoker. J.J. Day. H.M.S. Southampton.

Pte. A. Dowling. 1st Wilts.

Pte. F. Dowling. 15th Hamps.

Pte. G. East. 2/6th Ryl. Warwick.

Capt. F. Fidler. French M.M. Ryl. Warwick Attd. 1st Hamps.

Pte. A. Finch. 2nd Hamps.

Pte. J. Finch. 3/5 Gloucester

Second column.

Pte. J. Finch. 1st Hamps.

Sergt. R. Fulford. 4th Hamps.

Pte. W. Harris. M. Gun Corps.

Gunner. G. Hunt. R.G.A.

Pte. F. Kemish. 2nd Devon.

Sergt. W. Luke. R.F.A.

Seaman. A. Morgan. H.M.S. Raglan.

Pte. C. Paddick. Lab. Corps.

Sergt. W. Parsons. Rifle Brigade.

Pte. C. Price. 15th Hamps.

Lieut. F.N. Robertson. 1/4 Gordon Hlrs.

Lc. Cpl. F.C. Snelgrove. 2nd Dorset.

Pte. F.W. Southwell. M. Gun Corps.

Pte. L.J. Street. 2nd Hamps.

2nd Lieut. N. Young. 2nd R. Scots Fus.

Hand written paper roll in wooden frame on wall of St John the Evangelist Church.

Lockerley and East Dean.
Roll of Honour.
The Great War 1914 - 1918.
For God for King and for Country.
Their country called - they answered.

Our glorious dead

Finch, A.

Baugh, Bertie. 2nd Lt.

Betteridge, Ernest.

Betteridge, James. Sergt. M.M.

Betteridge, Walter.

Betteridge, William A.

Cannons, Frank. R.N.

Cooper, George.

Day, Arnold.

Day, James.

Dowling, Arthur.

Dowling, Frank.

East, George.

Emm, Tom

Fidler, F. Capt. D.S.O.

Finch, James

Finch, Edwin J.

Fulford, Reginald.

Harris, W.S.

Hunt, George.

Luke, William.

Kemish, Frank.

Moody, George.

Morgan, Albert. R.N.

Paddick, Charles.

Robertson, F.N. Lieut.

Parsons, Walter.

Parsons, William.

Price, Charles.

Ray, Eric Swire. Lieut. R.N.

Snelgrove, Charles.

Southwell, Fred.

Street, Leonard.

Young, Nicholas. 2nd Lieut.

"Greater love hath no man than this, That a man lay down his life for his friends."

Our victorious survivors

First three columns.

Amy, Charles

Aylward, Richd. Nunn. Mjr. D.S.O. M.C.

Aylward, Douglas. Capt. M.C.

Bailey, William.

Bannister, Earl.

Bannister, Earl J. L-Corpl.

Bannister, Arthur G.

Betteridge, Caleb. Sergt. M.M.(Italian).

Betteridge, Albert. Sergt.

Betteridge, Frank.

Betteridge, George.

Betteridge, Henry.

Cannings, Frank.

Cannings, George.

Cannings, Jack. Sergt.

Cannings, William.

Bugby, Thomas.

Carden, Fredk. G. Sergt.

Carden, Wallace A

Cattle, Leonard H. Captn.

Clelford, Ernest.

Clelford, Ed.Jn. Corp.

Clelford, Wm. Hy.

Coombs, Henry. Lt. R.A.F.

Coombs, Leonard. Sergt. R.A.F.

Coombs, Lewis N. Capt. R.A.F.

Coombs, Wilfred. Lt. R.A.F.
Croix de Guerre with Palms.

Dodge, W.C. R.N.

Dorymeade, E.W.

Dowling, Hy.

Edney, Edwin.

Edney, George. R.N.

Edney, James. R.N.

Elcock, Sidney.

Finch, George.

Finch, H.G. R.N.

Finch, Jesse. R.N.

Finch, Percy Geo. M.M.

Finch, Robert Bertie.

Finch, William.

Fulford, Ernest.

Galton, James.

Gray, Frank. M.M. Sgt.

Gray, William.

Hatchett, Bert.

Hardy, Cecil H. M.M.

Hardy, Thomas D.

Harris, George C.

Hodges, George H.

Hodges, James.

Kemish, Fred.

Kemish, Herbert.

Legg, Edward.

Loader, Fred.

Lock, ----

Luke, Fred. V.C. D.C.M. Sergt.

Luke, Henry.

Luke, John.

Martin, Frank.

Martin, John. Corp.

Next three columns.

Martin, Walter Hy.

Marsh, Tom. R.N.

Morgan, Charles.

Morgan, Frank.

Morgan, Fred.

Morgan, Wilfred.

Morgan, William.

Moody, Bertram.

Moody, David.

Moody, Edgar F.

Moody, Edwin.

Moody, Leonard.

Moody, Walter.

Moxham, Ernest.

Moxham, James A.

Newell, Arthur.

Newell, Robert.

Newell, Wilfred.

Norris, Fred.

Offer (Siebenthal), W.H.

Olden, Edward J.

Olden, John G.

Olden, Stanley.

Olden, Victor.

Paddick, Fred.

Paddick, Reginald.

Paddick, Thomas.

Paddick, Walter.

Parsons, Frank.

Paul, William.

Petty, Philip.

Pool, John.

Pragnell, Edwin.

Pritchard, Frank.

Pritchard, James. Sergt. M.M.

Pritchard, Ralph.

Pritchard, Walter.

Randall, S.F.

Read, Charles.

Read, Francis.

Robinson, Frank.

Robinson, Leslie F.

Rogers, Roland.

Roud, Albert.

Sillence, Charles.

Snelgrove, William.

Southwell, George.

Vane, Bert.

Vivash, William. Sgt.

Warne, Chas J. Staff Sgt.

Wilton, Tom. R.N.

Wilton, Sidney H.

Woodford, Edgar.

Wright, Arthur.

Butcher, George.

Butcher, Tom.

A picture of Frederick Luke, V.C. D.C.M. is in a showcase at the back of the church.
(Not there August 2004)

Original grave cross in entrance porch on right on wall.

On aluminium strip

Unknown British Soldier

On brass plaque on cross

1914 - 1918
This cross
marked the grave
of an unknown
British soldier
on the
Western Front
and is entrusted
to your care
by the
War Graves

Commonwealth War Grave in churchyard.

247394 Private
C. Paddick
Labour Corps
9th Nov. 1918