Stone plaque on wall in St John the Evangelist church.

Top panel.

L. Bagg 12th E. Surrey

R.I. Berry 2nd D.C.L.I.

A. Berryman R.E.

H. Budd R.F.A.

D.H. Collis 14th Hants.

G. Horlock V.C. R.F.A.

J. Horlock 2nd Dorset.

W. Laney R.G.A.

S.H. Mayhew R.N.

F. Moore R.M.A.

W.J. Paice 2nd Hants.

G. Paice 1st Hants.

G.R. Wood R.M.A.

L.F. Wood R.F.A.

Bottom panel.

To the everlasting honour of these who died
for us the brave sons of Langrish who fell for
England during the Great War of 1914 to 1918
and we look for the resurection of the dead
and the life of the world to come.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man
lay down his life for his friends."

Hand written memorial in glazed wooden frame on wall in St John the Evangelist church.

Frank Agar. Alfred Hall. Frederick Merritt.

George Ashwell. Frank Hall. Alfred Moore.

Albert Bagg. Clarence Heath. +Frank Moore.

Frank Bagg. James Heath. John Newman.

George Bagg. Frederick Hiscock. John Nicholson.

+Leonard Bagg. William Holland. Daniel Norgate.

Reginald Bagg. Frederick Horlock. +George Paice.

William Bagg. +George Horlock. V.C. Harry Paice.

Frederick Beer. +John Horlock. +Walter Paice.

John Berry. Frank Howard. William Paice.

Philip Berry. F. Howmore. Edgar Pay.

+Richard Berry. Frank Hurst. William Pinnock.

+Albert Berryman. Harry Hutton. Percy Roy.

Thomas Blackman. Charles Jones. R. Saunders.

Joseph Blakeman. George Kewel. Edmund Searle.

Douglas Bretton. Clement Kille. Harry Searle.

Claude Bridgen. Augustus Kingswell. Thomas Searle.

+Harry Budd. Albert Knight. Robert Simpson.

James Bundy. +William Laney. Frank Singleton.

Albert Burge. Alexander Leggatt. William Singleton.

Morris Chater. Albert Lillywhite. Thomas Skelton.

+David Collis. Charles Lillywhite. Walter Strike.

Jesse Deadman. John Louch. Arthur Talbot-Ponsonby.

Henry Deakin. Henry Luff. Edward Talbot-Ponsonby.

Richard Deakin. Arthur Lunt. Fredk. Talbot-Ponsonby.

Douglas Eastman. Noel Matthews. Walter Turner.

Frederick Emery. Alfred Mayhew. Bertie Watts.

Charles Etherington. Charles Mayhew. Ernest White.

Ernest Etherington. Ernest Mayhew. Ernest Williams.

Charles Gammon. Frederick Mayhew. Walter Windebank.

Edward Gammon. George Mayhew. Frederick Winscom.

Russell Gibbs. +Stephen Mayhew. +Gabriel Wood.

Ernest Gough. William Mayhew. +Leslie Wood.

The men of this parish who served in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Stone tablet/grave stone on wall in St John the Evangelist Church.

Sergeant Major
Ernest George Horlock
Victoria Cross
15th September 1914 France

30th December 1917 Aged 32

May 2001