Stone cross just outside St Mary's church.
(The names in red were added to the memorial around 2013)

approx 1985



On front of memorial.

To the Glory of God
and in beloved memory of
Bryce Stewart
Lieut. 2nd. Battn. Seaforth Highlanders
killed in action at Sanna-I-Yat,
Mesopotamia, during the operations
for the relief of Kut
on 22nd April 1916,
aged 22 yrs.
"When Christ, who is our life, shall appear,
then shall ye also appear with him in Glory."
Colossians 3 v4.

On right side of memorial.

In Honoured Memory of
those Men from this Parish
who also gave their lives
for their country.

Sergt. Frederick Berry, K.R.R.C.
Pte. Frederick May, Hants Regt.
Pte. Frank Mullins, Hants Regt.
Pte. Harry Cutler, Canadian M.G.C.
Pte. Charles Baring, Australian Inf.
2 Lt. Cecil Baring, Royal West Kent Regt.
L Cpl. Ernest Baring, Australian Inf.
2 Lt. Reginald Baring, Sqn. RAF

On left side of memorial.

CSM. Arthur Burgess, Hants Regt.
Pte. James Cole, Hants Regt.
Pte. William Duffin, Hants Regt.
Spr. Oliver Inder, RE
Pte. William Lester, London Regt.
Cpl. Arthur Rogers, Hants Regt.

Tablet on Wall in church.

In honoured memory of
Frank Mullins
Pte. 2nd. Batt. Hants. Reg.
Killed in action at Gallipoli, Aug. 6th 1915.

This tablet is erected by those from this parish who
with him took part at the Front in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Tablet on Wall in church.

To memory of
Ernest Baring
Charles Alexander Baring
Cecil Christopher Baring
Reginald Arthur Baring
Killed in action in the Great War
1914 - 1918.
Sons of
the Rev. Frances Henry Baring
Rector of Kings Worthy
1891 - 1893.

Tablet on Wall in church.

In proud and loving memory of
Bryce Stewart
Lieut. 2nd. Battn. Seaforth Highlanders
only child of Colonel Bryce Stewart D.S.O.
and Georgie his wife.
killed in action Mesopotamia
22nd April 1916 aged 22 years.

Framed Roll of Honour of those who served.
The original is in the Hampshire Record Office but a copy is held by the Kingsworthy Local History Group.
(On the scroll in front of some people there is a dash - a star below - which I believe is the number of times they were wounded.)



Of those from this Village who served in either of
His Majesty's Forces during the Great War. 1914-1918.

Adnam, Cecil. R.F.C.
Ball, Harry. Hants. Regt.
Ball, Frank. Gloster. Regt.
** Ball, John. Northd. Fusiliers.
***Ball, Walter. Devon. Regt.
Banfield, Bertie. R.E.
Barrett, Charles. R. Warwick. Regt.
Barrett, Frederick. Hants. Regt.
Barrett, William. M.G.C.
* Baylis, Charles.
Bramble, Edwin. R.G.A.
Butchart, James. D.S.O. R.G.A.
Chivers, Frederick. R.N.
* Dean, Edward. G. Guards.
Duffin, George. Hants. Regt.
* Ferry, Leslie. Scottish. Rifles.
* Ferry, George. R.F.A.
Fetherstonhaugh, Charles. Essex. Regt.
Fetherstonhaugh, Geoffrey. Dragoon. Guards.
Finch, Frederick. R.A.V.C.
* Gibbs, William. M.M. and Bar Hants. Regt.
Goode, Harry. R.N.
Goode, Harold. R.F.C.
* Grace, William. Wilts. Regt.
Grant, Charles. L.C.
Green, Harry. R.N.
Gregory, George. R.A.S.C. M.T.
Head, Leonard. Hants. Regt.
***Holdaway, Charles. R.E.
Hawkins, James. R.E.
* Hyde, Charles. Hants. Regt.
Ings, Frank. Cheshire. Regt.
Izzard, Arthur. R.B.
Jackson, Bland. R.A.M.C.
Knight, Alfred. National Reserve.
Langham, Sidney
Littlewood, James. National Reserve.
* Marsh, Jesse. R.N.
Merryfield, Sidney. Hants. Regt.

* Mower, Charles. L.C.
Mower, Edward. L.C.
***Mullins, Lloyd. Hants. Regt.
Mullins, Frank. Killed in action. Hants. Regt.
* Mullins, Albert. Hants. Regt.
* Neave, George. R.A.S.C. M.T.
Offord, John. R.A.S.C. M.T.
Osman, George. R.E.
Richardson, Henry. R.E.
Robbins, Thomas. Hant. Yeomy.
Saunders, Frank.
Sayer, Daniel. S. Staffd. Regt.
Simmonds, Ernest. R.E.
Simmonds, Sidney. R.E.
* Simmonds, Thomas. S. Lancs. Regt.
Sloper, Edward. Hants. Regt.
Small, Frank. Cheshire. Regt.
* Small, Gerald. R. Wark. Regt.
Small, Harold. H.L.I.
Small, Bernard. Suffolk. Regt.
Smith, Wilfred. Norfolk. Regt.
Smith, Frederick. R.N.
Soper, Charles. Wilts. Regt.
* Spurdel, William. G. Guards.
Stewart, Bryce. Senr. D.S.O. R. Munster. Fuslrs.
* Stewart, Bryce. Junr. Killed in action Seaforth. Highrs.
Streatfield, Roland. Hon C.F. R.G.A.
Tearall, Ernest. R.A.F.
* Troke, Edwin. R.F.A.
Troke, William. Wilts. Regt.
* Ward, Albert. R.G.A.
Warwick, Ernest. R.F.C.
Warwick, Harry. L.C.
Warwick, Samuel. Devon. Regt.
** Watts, Arthur. Hants. Regt.
* Wells, Albert. Hants. Regt.
Westcott, Ernest. A.P.C.
Wilmot, Thomas. R.A.S.C.
* Willison, Arthur. R.A.S.C.