Brass plaques on wooden backing on summerhouse outside wall, in grounds of Norcotte House Old Folks home. Original position unknown.

The two top brass plaques, on left of window.

Harold Belben
William Best
Charles Bailey
Charles Benham
Archibald Burrow
Archibald Bishop
Henry Bigmore
Albert Bosbery
Arthur Bowers
Thomas Barry
William Cornelius
Edgar Courtney
Herbert Collins
Ernest Christmas
Walter Crutchfield
Herbert Carter
Henry Crank
Alexander Cullip
Ernest Davis
Edward Dugan
Henry Diaper
Arthur Dyer
Frederick Dyer
Reginald Dash
Edward Etheridge
Philip Etheridge

James Sansome
Joseph Sansome
Harold Sellwood
Henry Smith
Sydney Sparkes
Arthur Stainer
Joseph Sweetenham
Charles Street
Thomas Street
John Spanner
Charles Savage
Harry Sherwin
George Tuthill
John Taylor
Samuel Tribe
Cyril Tawney
Lawrence Tilbury
Nelson Upfield
Alfred Upstell
Harold Wells
James Wiles
Henry Whittington
Robert White
Harry West
George Weaver
John Webber
Herbert Barker
Hector Chalk
Henry Hammond
Bert Turner

The two borrom brass plaques, on left of window.

William Elliott
George Field
Cecil Felmingham
John Finn
Robert Ferguson
Frederick Fletcher
Gerald Fitzgerald
Leonard French
Bertie Fowling
Charles Gumbrell
Alfred Gomes
Harry Gamblin
Norman Green
Frank Hines
Mark Hall
Ronald Harris
Frederick Hennen
Joseph Kemp
Joseph Kelly
Harold Land
Thomas Lanning
William Lee
Bernard Lee
James Laughland
George Laughland
Albert Moffatt
Charles Maidment

Ernest Mariner
George Mahony
Sidney Moore
Claude Mills
Henry Middleton
Donald Newbury
Ernest Newbold
Walter Newman
Frederick Oram
Sydney Osborn
William Payton
Harry Pearson
Frederick Perry
Sidney Pink
George Peckham
Reginald Pearce
Albert Payce
William Pearce
Richard Payne
Harry Redford
Frederick Rowe
Arthur Rowe
Ernest Rowe
Alfred Smith
William Stevens
Thomas Shilling
Richard Shilling
Herbert King
Percy Betts

Brass plaque under window.

Erected by teachers, scholars, parents and friends in ever grateful memory
of the above named former scholars of Clarence Square Council School
(embracing also the original church schools of St Matthew's and Holy
Trinity) who heroically gave up their lives in the Great War 1914-1919
and as an inspiration to all present and future scholars to so live
as to be worthy of the great sacrifice which they have made.