Stone tablet on wall in St Nicholas' Church.

1914 - 1918.
To the Glory of God & in memory
of those who went to the Great War from this parish.


Major. C.F. Simonds. K.R.R.C. Rfln. J. Helliar. K.R.R.C.
Pt. W. Bishop. Hants. Pt. E. Prescott. Hants.
Dvr. F. Burgess. A.S.C. Pt. W. Salmon. Bedf.
Pt. G. Bushnell. Wilts. Pt. W. Stenning. Scots Gds.


Pt. H. Daveridge. Hants. Pt. W.H. Smith. Hants.
Pt. A. Peck. Wilts.


Brig. Gen. G. Mayne. D.S.O. Cpl. W.J. Guyatt. R.E.
Lt. Col. C. Wyld. K.R.R.C. Pt. S. Guyatt. Wilts.
Major. S.S. Hill-Dillon. D.S.O. R.I.R. Pt. E. Hibbert. Hants.
Capt. F.E. Fowle. M.C. R.E. Tpr. W. Helliar. Dst. Yeo.
Capt. C. Waudby. 18.H. Pt. C. Helliar. Hants.
Lt. H.R. Reynolds. M.C. A.S.C.att:Hants. Pt. W. Lambert. Hants.
Pt. C. Baverstock. Hants. Gr. A. Lewis. R.F.A.
Pt. A. Bushnell. Hants. Gr. J.T. Macey. M.G.C.
Pt. C. Bushnell. A.S.C. Pt. P.M. Merritt. L.C.
Pt. F.G. Down. Hants. Pt. R. Miles. A.V.C.
Pt. A. Eyles. Hants. Gr. R. Morrell. M.G.C.
Pt. A. Fudge. Wilts. Pt. F. Morrell. R.M.L.I.
Pt. H. Futcher. R.M.L.I. Gr. W. Peck. R.G.A.
Sgt. W. Goddard. A.S.C. Sgt. W. Sivier. R.G.A.
Pt. T. Goodridge. A.S.C. Gr. H. Simmonds. M.G.C.
Tpr. G. Grieve. Leic.Yeo. Dvr. F.J. Smith. R.F.A.
Spr. H. Guyatt. R.E. Sgt. L. Trueman. 20.H.
Sgt. E. Guyatt. Hants. Sgt. J. Trueman. Wilts.
Pt. S.H. Guyatt. Hants.

"They loved not their lives unto the death" Rev.xii.ii