FROXFIELD GREEN (see also High Cross has same names)

Stone cross on green just outside churchyard of St Peter on the Green Church, bronze plaques on plinth.

Front plaque.

In grateful memory
of the men of
who gave their lives
in the two world wars
1914 - 1919
1939 - 1945

Right side panel.

1914 - 1919

Major L.P. Storr D.S.O., 7th D.C.L.I.
Lt. Lionel H.Y. Pownall 1st West Kent.
Lt. Arthur J. Austen-
Cartmell K.R.R.
Lt. G. Hugh Austen-
Cartmell H.L.I.
Sgt. Albert Pink 14th Hants.
Gnr. Arthur W. Moss R.F.A.
Gnr. Harry Stacey R.F.A.

Pte. Robert A. Hall 3rd Grenadier Guards.
Pte. J.A. Hickman 2/5th Gloucester.
Pte. Charles S. Reeves 3rd West Riding.
Pte. Francis H. Moreton 1st Hants.
Pte. Henry Thos. Reeves 1st Hants.
Drummer Jh. Knight 2nd Hants.
Pte. Lewis J. Pink 1/6th Hants.
L/Corp. Walter Williams 11th Hants.

Back plaque.

Sons of this place, let this of you
be said, that you who live are
worthy of your dead - These
gave their lives that you who
live may reap a richer harvest
ere you fall asleep.

Left side panel.

1914 - 1919

Pte. Hy. Jesse Budd 14th Hants.
Pte. Wm. Knight 14th Hants.
Pte. Jh. Merritt 14th Hants.
Pte. Herbert Wm. Pink 14th Hants.

Pte. Hugh Prior 14th Hants.
Pte. Wm.S. Underwood 14th Hants.
Pte. Arthur Barnett 15th Hants.
Pte. Amos Pink K.O.Y.L.I.

(Now WW2 names)

Window in St Peter's Church, inscription at bottom of window.

In loving memory of Major Algernon Montgomerie
Caulfeild D.S.O., D.C.M. the Border Regt fourth son of
the late Lt.Col. william Montgomerie Stewart Caulfeild
Killed in action at Gallipoli 9th August 1915 Aged 57.