Stone plaques under Great War plaques on entrance pillars to recreation ground.

(Left entrance pillar)

This recreation ground
is a memorial to the
men of the parish of
Fordingbridge, who
gave their lives for
their country in the
Great War. 1914-1918

Abrahams, W.H. Downer, S.H.
Baines, G.E. Dunn, L.J.
Bartlett, S.L.K. Gould, F.
Blake, A. Gouge, W.H.
Brown, E.C. Griffin, W.
Clark, E.H. Hall, C.F.
Compton, C. Hallett, W.T.
Coombs, F.R. Harding, R.
Coventry, W.St.J. Hayward, W.I.
Dear, T.E. Healey, A.W.

(Right entrance pillar)

Hewitt, W.R. Oxford, H.G.
Ings, I.W. Robinson, A.
Jerrard, B.J. Rouse, A.E.
Jolliffe, A.T. Sainsbury, F.B.
Jupe, C. Sandy, C.J.
King, T.W. Street, W.C.
Lawrence, F.W. Thomas, H.
Lockyer, P. Thomas, R.W.
Long, F.E. Turner, F.
Lucas, W.T. Vincent, F.C.
Marlow, J.F. White, W.G.
May, F.C. Williams, F.B.
Mist, F.G. Witt, A.
Morgan, F.G. Witt, H.
Morgan, S.T. Witt, H.F.

Musselwhite, A. Witt, R.
Noble, H. Witt, R.W.
Gale, W.R. Wort, E.I.
Sims, G.

Wooden tablet on wall in St Mary's Church, three panels.

(Left panel)

William Henry Abrahams
Arthur Blake
Edward Cotterell Brown
Edmund Henry Clark
Francis Richard Coombs
Frederick Gould
William Griffin
Charles Francis Hall
William Thomas Hallett
Raymond Harding
Alan William Healey
William Robert Hewitt
Bertie John Jerrard
Arthur Thomas Jolliffe
Thomas William King
Frederic William Lawrence

(center panel)

Roll of Honour

Greater love hath
no man than this,
that a man lay down
his life for his

(Right panel)

Walter Thomas Lucas
James Alfred Marlow
Frederick Charles May
Frederic George Mist
Harold George Oxford
Albert Robinson
Albert Edward Rouse
Francis Basil Sainsbury
William Charles Street
Harry Thomas
Reginald William Thomas
Frederick Turner
Frederick Charles Vincent
Wilfrid George White
Frederick Basil Williams
Henry Frederick Witt

Brass plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

In loving memory of
Charles John Venables D.S.O.
Major in the Gloucestershire Regiment of Infantry
Eldest son of Addington R.P. Venables, Bishop of Nassau
Born on the 21st January 1865
killed in action on the 8th August 1915
on Chanak Bair Gallipoli
In God is my Trust

Brass plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

In loving memory
of our dear son
William Robert Hewitt
Gunner R.F.A.
Killed in action at Mametz in France
Sept. 11th 1916 Aged 19 years.
My soul fleeth unto the Lord PS CXXX v6.

Wooden screen and entrance to side chapel in St Mary's Church.

Inscription near top of screen

To the Glory of God and in memory of those who gave their lives in the War 1914-1919