Inlaid marble plaque on wall in All Saints Church.

In grateful memory of men from this parish who
laid down their lives for their country in the war 1014-18

W. House R.N.
G. Lowe ..
W.G. Toms ..
W.G. Waterman ..
F. Aldridge R.F.C.
H.C.H. Gould R.F.A.
H. Lowe ..
P.J. Nicholas ..
J. White ..
G.S. Hinvest R.G.A.
G.C. Philpott ..
N. Turner ..
R. Bellenie R.E.
C.H. Hall C.Gds.
W.J. Travers R.Fus.
A.G. Shelley Devon.
G. Parsons W.Yorks.
E.L. Gutteridge Leices.
T.M. Nason D.C.L.I.
E.A. Arnold Hants.
H.C.M. Bunday ..
J.H. Croutear ..
T.R. Eldridge ..

J.P.G. Hill Hants.
M. Kinchington ..
J.W. Kitcher ..
W.J. Lane ..
H.J. Maidment ..
A.G. Mintram ..
W.W. Musselwhite ..
W.J. Philpott ..
J. Snellgrove ..
F. Hall Dorset.
C. Dale K.R.R.C.
H.T.T. Gore Browne ..
W.J. Willis ..
R. Norris Wilts.
A. Wheeler ..
G.A. Read R.B.
F.A.H. Hayden Lond.
R. Cull R.A.S.C.
J. Lowe ..
F. Fleet Mer.Service.
F. Lane ..
F.J. Toms A.I.F.
H.W. Sainsbury Vancouver.

War memorial window in church

Words at bottom of each window segment

St George

St Alban St Martin

A thankoffering to
for the bravery of

Almighty God for the
those who served their

Victory of 1918 and
Country faithfully