Stone cross with wall behind containing panels of names near Holy Trinity Church in West Street

First Panel. Second Panel.

Roll of Honour

Alderslade H.A. Dvr. R.G.A.
Alexander T. Pte. Hamps.Regt.
Arnold A.C.P. 2nd. Lieut. R.Fus.
Arnold E.G. Lieut. R.F.A.
Aslett E.C. A.B. R.N.
Atchison C.E. Lt.Col. K.S.L.I.
Atwell G.A. Bombr. R.G.A.
Austin E. Guardsman Gren.Guards.
Bannell C.A. Sgt. Rif.Brig.
Bannister W.G. Lieut. R.G.A.
Barber A.G. 2nd Lieut. R.G.A.
Barnes A.E. Lce.Cpl. Hamps.Rgt.
Barnes J.H. 2nd.AM. R.A.F.
Bark A.E. Sergt. R.G.A.
Bartlett W.J. E.R.A. R.N.


Batchelor F. Driver R.G.A.
Bates W. Sergt. Middx.Regt.
Beach F.W. P.O. R.N.
Beal F.W. P.O. R.N.
Bedford H. Gnr. R.M.A.
Bedford F.H.S.M. Pte. R.A.F.
Bennett C.A. Sergt. Rif.Brig.
Biggs W.H. Private Hamps.Regt.
Blackman R. Pte. Kings Lpool.Rgt.
Blanchard F. Col.Sgt. R.M.L.I.
Bowden C.W. Pte. Devon Rgt.
Brace W.J. Lce.Cpl. R.Innis.Fus.
Brine W. Bombr. R.G.A.
Broadrib F. Cpl. R.G.A.
Brooks S.G. Pte. R.War.Rgt.
Brooks W.H. Driver R.G.A.

Third Panel. Fourth Panel.

Brown E.W Cpl. R.G.A.
Brown J. Driver R.G.A.
Brown P.F. 2nd Lieut. R.G.A.
Bull F.J. Private. East Surrey Rgt.
Bull P.H. 2nd A.M. R.A.F.
Button A. Private. R.Berks.Regt.
Case G. 2nd Lieut. S.Lancs.Regt.
Chamberlain E. Cpl. M.G.C.
Childs A.A. H.M. Transport.
Churcher E.T. Pte. Devon Regt.
Churchus H. Private. Suff.Regt.
Clack R.S. Private. R.Berks.Regt.
Clark A.C. Private. Dorset Rgt.
Clark F. Ldg.Seaman R.N.
Clark G. 1st A.M. R.A.F.
Clark H. Sergt. R.G.A.


Clark H.J. Private R.War.Regt.
Clement G. Chief Cook R.N.
Cobb C. Private Manchester Regt.
Cobb E. Private Kings Lpool Rgt.
Coker A. Private Hamps.Regt.
Coker F. A.B. R.N.
Colborne E.C. Cpl. Hamps.Rgt.
Cole R.N. Sergt. Hamps.Regt.
Collins R.S. Sgt. R.E.
Colquhoun R.C. Maj. R.M.L.I.
Conlan A.U. 2nd Lieut. R.Ir.Rgt.
Cook G.C. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Corpes E.E. 1st Cl. P.O. R.N.
Cousins G.E. Lieut. Middx.Regt.
Cousins W.T. Cpl. E.Surr.Rgt.
Cowley W.J. Stoker R.N.

Fifth Panel. Sixth Panel.

Cox B Gunner R.G.A.
Cross J.H. Sergt. R.E.
Curtiss L. Stoker R.N.
Daniels E. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Daniels E.P. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Darby C. Gunner R.G.A.
Davis A.E. Bombr. Canadian R.F.A.
Day E.W.G. Private R.M.L.I.
Dicker F. Private E.Surr.Regt.
Dodds V. Stoker R.N.
Doe F. Ldg.Stoker R.N.
Draper J.W. Private R.Lancers.
Dunkinson E.C. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Edney E.A. Rifleman K.R.R.
Edney G.G. Lce.Cpl. Notts & Derby Regt.
Edney N.H. Private R.Innes.Fus.


Egglestone F.W. Pte. Shrops.L.I.
Ellis F.G. Sergt. Light Horse Regt.
Everett A.F. Lieut. A.I.F.
Fleet J.H. Private Hamps.Regt.
Fleet S.C. Private Hamps.Regt.
Foster E. Sergt. Hamps.Regt.
Fox C.L. Lieut.Comdr. R.N.
Franklin S.J. Sergt.Maj. R.G.A.
Freeman L. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Freeman W.C. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Frost G.W. Pte. Hamps.Regt.
Gardener J.C. Pte. Hamps.Regt.
Goldie A.L. Lieut. Glos.Regt.
Goldie M.L. Major R.H.A.
Grant W.C. Ship's Cpl. R.N.
Grice G. Pte. Leicester Rgt.

Seventh Panel. Eighth Panel.

Grigg A.G. Lce.Cpl. Canadian Regt.
Gunning J.W. Lieut. Wilts.Regt.
Harris F. Lce.Cpl. Hamps.Regt.
Harris H.G. Sergt. R.G.A.
Harvey K.W. Lieut. R.F.A.
Hatch J. Lieut. R.G.A.
Hatch J S. Sergt. Hamps.Regt.
Hatch P.A. A.B. R.Naval Division
Hawkins B.E. Private Devon Rgt.
Hawkins J. Pte. R.G.A.
Hawkins J.A. Pte. Hamps.Regt.
Hawkins S.V. Pte. Hamps.Regt.
Hawkins V. Private Hamps.Regt.
Hayes C.W. Sergt. Hamps.Regt.
Hayward G. Seaman R.N.
Hayward W. Private Hamps.Rgt.


Heath W.C. Private Hamps.Regt.
Hedges J.H. Sergt. R.G.A.
Heifnam A. A.B. R.N.
Hill E. Guardsman 5th Dragoon Guards
Hill W. Pte. R.Suss.Regt.
Hill F.D. Staff Sergt. R.G.A.
Hopkins A.C. Lce.Cpl. Tank Corps.
House F.T. Sergt. Scots Gds.
Humby J. Pte. Hamps.Rgt.
Hutchins H. Private Essex Regt.
Hynes E.S.P. 2nd Lieut. E.Kent Rgt.
Jeffrey A. Driver R.A.S.C.
Jackson A. Sergt. Hamps.Regt.
Jones E.E.C. Sapper R.E.
Judd E.C. Pte. A.I.F.
Kemp G. Sergt.Maj. R.G.A.

Center Panel

The men whom this monument commemorates were numbered among
those who at the call of King and Country left all that was dear
to them, endured hardship and faced danger finally passing
from the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice
giving their own lives that others might live in freedom
Let those
who come after see to it that their names be not forgotten

Erected by the inhabitants of the Fareham Urban District

Also in memory of
the officers and men of the
26th, 35th, & 108th Heavy Batteries
of the Royal Garrison Artillery

Nineth Panel. Tenth Panel.

Kinch G.W. Corpl. R.Sussex Regt.
Kinch V.J. Pte. Hamps.Rgt.
Kingswell L. Lce.Cpl. R.G.A.
Knight A. Cook's Mate R.N.
Knight A.H. Stoker R.N.
Lamb D. Gunner R.G.A.
Lampard A.E. Ldg.Sig. R.N.
Lamport J. Private Can.Regt.
Lawrence F. Gdsman Gren.Gds.
Lawrence P. Private Hamps.Rgt.
Leach F. Pte. Hamp.Regt.
Lester J. Stoker P.O. R.N.
Lewis J.H.B. Gunner R.N.
Linton J.T. Gunner R.M.A.
Loader W. Sergt. R.G.A.
Lovell J.W. Private R.Berks.Rgt.


Lovell J.W. C.P.O. R.N.
Martin R.H. Col. 21st Lancers
Mason J.A. Writer R.N.
Mason T.M. Cpl. R.G.A.
Mathews A.V. Merc.Mar.
Mathews W.J. Drvr. R.A.S.C.
Matthews A. Cpl. Aust.Enrs.
Maton E.G. Private Hamps.Regt.
Merritt W. Private Hamps.Regt.
Minors W.H. P.O. R.N.
Millard H.A. Cpl. R.E.
Mitchell G. Sergt. R.M.L.I.
Morgan F. Private R.Sc.Fus.
Morgan H. Sergt. Border Regt.
Moore F.G. Gnr. R.F.A.
Morris A.E. Bdr. R.G.A.

Eleventh Panel. Twelveth Panel.

Morris F.C. A.B. R.N.
Mortar J.H. Private Hamps.Regt.
Moss L.S. Bombr. R.F.A.
Moss P.W. 2nd Lieut. M.G.C.
Napier H.L. Major Notts & Derby Rgt.
New J. Sergt. Hamps.Regt.
Newlyn F. Private Hamps.Regt.
Newland W.R. Private Hamps.Rgt.
Newman S.G. C.P.O. R.N.
Norster J. Private R.Berks.Regt.
Norton R.C. Lieut. R.M.A.
Nugent M.O.R. Ast.Paymr. R.N.
O'Brien D.P. Gnr. R.G.A.
O'Brien F. Sapper R.E.
O'Rorke B. Stoker R.N.
Osgood A. Bombr. R.G.A.


Oswald G. Stoker R.N.
Ottley G. Lt.Col. R.Fusiliers
Paice H. Corporal 5th Dragoon Gds.
Peate A. Sergt.Maj. R.G.A.
Peckham S.E. Pte. R.W.Surrey Rgt.
Penny W.F. Private Hamps.Regt.
Pestell E. Private Worc.Regt.
Pestell H. Driver R.G.A.
Phelps D. 2nd Lieut. R.Sussex Rgt.
Pike G.A. Private M.G.C.
Pike H. Rifleman Rifle Brigade
Pink H.J.G. Lce.Cpl. R.Ir.Rgt.
Pink W.F.G. Pte. R.A.S.C.
Pipe G.H. Bugle Maj. Rifle Brigade
Pinchard F.L. Ldg.Seaman R.N.
Plummer W.H. Pte. R.Sussex Rgt.

Thirteenth Panel. Fourteenth Panel.

Price F.J. Pte. Border Rgt.
Quarry St John Major. R.Berks.Rgt.
Ramsay J.R. Major. R.F.A.
Ramsay N. Lieut. Dragoon Gds.
Randell F. Cst.Grd. R.N.
Read W. Private. Loyal N.Lancs.Rgt.
Reynolds J.W. Gunner R.G.A.
Roach F.W. Private. Worc.Regt.
Roberts C.W. 2nd Lieut. Devon Rgt.
Robinson C.H. Lce.Cpl. Lincs.Rgt.
Russell C.H. Lce.Cpl. M.G.C.
Russell J. Private. R.Sussex Regt.
Russell W.J. Private. Hamps.Rgt.
Salisbury J. P.O. R.N.
Scivier W. Pte. R.A.M.C.
Scrivens H.E. Gnr. R.F.A.


Searle H.E. Lce.Cpl. Hamps.Regt.
Sharp A. Ldg.Seaman R.N.
Sheppard F.W. Cpl. Rif.Brig.
Sheppard F. Driver R.H.A.
Sheppard J.H. Private Glouc.Rgt.
Shields H. Staff Sergt. R.G.A.
Short A. Driver R.E.
Sicely W.E. Lce.Cpl. Rif.Brig.
Sicely W. Private Suffolk Regt.
Silvester W.G. Pte. Hamps.Regt.
Simmonds G.Le B. Pte. A.I.F.
Smith C.H. Pte. Dorset Rgt.
Smith J.T. Private 16th Lancers
Spedding F. Cook's Mate R.N.
Spedding W. Off.Stewd. R.N.
Stacey E. Pte. Wilts.Rgt.

Fifteenth Panel. Sixteenth Panel.

Stanley W.G. Gnr. R.G.A.
Stares T.H. P.O. R.N.
Steele Daws. 2nd Lieut. Dorset Rgt.
Stevens P. Pte. R.A.S.C.
Stockwell H.C. Gnr. R.F.A.
Stoneage R. A.B. R.N.
Stone G.E. Cooks Mate R.N.
Strugnell C. Private R.E.
Swatton A.W. Sgt. R.E.
Sweet E.R. Signaller R.G.A.
Talmash W.D. Private Staff.Regt.
Tate T. Private Hamps.Regt.
Taylor N.A. Mids. R.N.
Tee W. Private R.Fusiliers.
Thompson R.A. Pte. R.M.L.I.
Townsend R.H.O. Comdr. R.N.


Venner G.E. Major Notts & Derby Rgt.
Walker T.F.A. Rif. K.R.R.
Warner L.A. Private Hamps.Regt.
Watkins C.T. Private Hamps.Regt.
Wells G. C.Sergt.Majot Hamps.Regt.
West S.W. Corpl. R.F.A.
Willcox A. Lce.Cpl. Dorset Regt.
Willcox G. Stoker R.N.
Wilkins C.F. Hamps.Regt.
Winsor R.G. Private Dorset Regt.
Wheeler J.H. A.B. R.N.
White E. Gunner R.M.A.
Whittaker A.G. Pnr. Hamps.Regt.
Whittaker C.L. Merc.Mar.
Wingate G. Pte. Hamps.Regt.