Stone cross in All Saints Churchyard, four sided plinth.

Front panel.

In sacred sleep they lie say not the brave die

Grateful Memory
of the
Crondall Men
who gave their lives in
The Great Wars
1914 - 1919
1939 - 1945

Right side panel.

Live thou for England we for England died

Agger. E. Edward.
Agger. George.
Barnard. Edward.
Barnard. Frederick.
Barnard. George. T.
Brandon. A. Chester.
Cane. James.
Church. William.
Collis. Arthur. F.
Comely. James.
Cowdery. Percy.
Cross. T.E. Kynaston.
Dance. Albert. E.
Dance. Ernest.
Delves-Broughton. Hugo.
Dimes. Willie.

Back panel.

They were a wall unto us both by night and by day

Girdler. William.
Hewitt. A. Rodney.
Ives. Albert.
Ivil. Charles. S.
Jacobs. Frank. H.
Jelley. Sidney. H.
Knight. George.
Maxwell-Lefroy. Patrick. E.
May. Charles.
Mitchell. John. H.
Murray. W. Raymond. C.
Parris. Albert.
Parris. R. Harry.
Prizeman. Bertie. W.
Pound. John.
Farmer. William.

Left side panel.

Remember then who came not home from the wars

Sherman. Wilfred.
Sherman. William. E.
Simpson. Albert.
Simpson. Charles.
Smith. Frank.
Snuggs. Edgar.
Stevens. Alfred.
Toogood. Thomas.
Turvill. George.
Turvill. Gordon.
Wild. James.
Wild. John.
Willis. Albert.
Willis. George.
Wooderson. Harry.

In memorial alcove in All Saints Church.

Tooled leather scroll in frame.

Crondall Roll
of Honour

With uncovered head
salute the sacred dead.

Private J. Wilds. Dorsets.
Private A. Collis. XI. Hussars.
Sergeant M. Toogood. Military Police.
Private W. Dimes. Dorsets.
Captain Hon.A.R. Hewitt. D.S.O. East Surreys.
Private F. Smith. Royal West Surreys.
Lieutenant P. Maxwell Lefroy. Royal Navy.
Private J. Comely. Royal Field Artillery.
Lance Corporal E. Barnard. Royal West Surreys.
Sergeant F. Barnard.M.M. Royal West Surreys.
Captain H. Delves-Broughton. Cheshires.
Private C. Simpson. Rifle Brigade.
Private A. Simpson. Hampshires.
Captain C. Brandon. Hampshires.
Private E. Dance. Royal West Surreys.
Private A. Dance. Hampshires.
Private C. Ivil. Royal Army Medical Corps.
Captain R. Murray. Grenadier Guards.
Private P. Prizeman. Hampshires.
W. Sherman. A.B. Royal Navy.
Private P. Cowdery. Royal Scots Greys.
Private G. Willis. Wiltshires.
Captain T.E.K. Cross. Royal Field Artillery.
Private C. May. Royal West Surreys.
Private A. Parris. Royal West Surreys.
Private W.E. Sherman. Royal Berkshires.
Sapper E. Snuggs. Royal Engineers.
Private F. Jacobs. Royal West Surreys.
Sergeant S. Jelley. M.M. Royal West Surreys.
Private E. Agger. Oxford & Bucks Light Inf.
Private G. Barnard. King's Royal Rifles.
Private A. Ives. Royal Army Service Corps.
Private R.H. Parris. Royal Army Service Corps.


Hand written scroll in glazed frame on wall in All Saints Church.

Roll of Honour.

Appleton. F. Hants.
Aggar. G.F. Hants.

Baggs. M. Royal West Surrey.
Barnes. A. Royal Navy.
Barnes. E. Royal Navy.
Barnard. P.C. A.S.C.
Barnard. F. Royal West Surrey. MM
Barnard. R. A.S.C.
Barnard. E. Royal West Surrey.
Benwell. A. Duke of Cornwalls L.I.
Benwell. G. Duke of Cornwalls L.I.
Birch. A. Royal Field Artillery.
Bone.E. Royal Navy.
Brandon. C. Hants.

Card. W. Royal Engineers.
Chalton. J. Gloucester.
Chalton. G. Devon.
Choules. E. Hants.
Chappell. C. Hants.
Collis. A. 11. Hussars.
Comely. J. Royal Field Artillery.
Cowdery. P. 2. Dragoons.
Cox. H. Hants.
Cowdray. A. 9. Lancers.
Covey. G. A.V.C.
Cranstone. G. Royal West Surrey.
Cranstone. S. Royal West Surrey.
Cranstone. J. Royal West Surrey.
Cranstone. C. Royal West Surrey.
Crooks. J. Royal West Surrey.
Crooks. C. Royal West Surrey.
Crooks. A. Royal West Surrey.
Cross. K. Royal Field Artillery.
Cox. D. Royal Garrison Artillery.
Dance. L. Berks.
Dance. A. Hants.
Dance. F. Dorset. M.M.
Dance. E. Royal West Surrey.
Dimes. A. Royal West Surrey.
Dimes. P. Royal Field Artillery.
Dimes. W. Royal Horse Artillery.
Dimes. W. 9. Lancers.
Dimes. W. Dorsets.
Dimes. W. Durham Light Infantry.
Dyball. W. Royal West Surrey.
Delves-Broughton. H. Cheshire.

Englefield. G. Hants.

Fry. E. Royal Marine.
Fry. A. M.M. Somerset Light Infantry.

Gardiner. R. Royal Engineers.
Girdler. W. Royal West Surrey.
Gregory. G. Gloucester.
Grey. A. Royal Garrison Artillery.
Gwyer. A. Gloucester.
Harmsworth. E. Somerset Light Infantry.
Hewett. W. 11. Hussars.
Hewett. G. Dorsets.
Hewitt. Hon.E.J. D.S.O. Dorsets.
Hewitt. Hon.A.R. D.S.O. East Surrey.
Howard. A. Coldstream Guards.
Howell. G. A.V.C.
Howell. H.
Hobbs. L. Hants.
Hoare. J. Dorset.
Hurdle. P. Dorset.

Ives. A. A.S.C.
Ivil. C. R.A.M.C.

Jacobs. A. East Surrey.
Jacobs. A.W. East Surrey.
Jacobs. F. Royal West Surrey.
Jacobs. H. Royal Navy.
Jelley. S. Royal West Surrey.

Lefroy C. Maxwell. Royal Navy.
Lefroy P. Maxwell. Royal Navy.
Lewington. J. Royal Field Artillery.
Liming. Royal Navy.
Liming. L. London Rifle Brigade.
Liming. C. A.S.C.

Macdonald. D.M. Royal Field Artillery. M.C.
May. E. Royal Navy.
May. G. Royal Navy.
May. H. Hants.
May. C. Royal West Surrey.
Marlow. G. Royal Navy.
Mathieson. A.
Murray. R. Grenadier Guards.

Parris. A. Royal West Surrey.
Parris. H. Royal Berks.
Palmer. C. Royal Navy.
Payne. W.G. 9 Lancers.
Pickett. H. Wilts.
Pond. R. Wilts.
Pound. C. Royal Navy.
Pound. J. Royal West Surrey.
Potticary. W. Royal Berks.
Phillips. P. Royal Garrison Artillery.
Preston. Jas. Royal Navy.
Preston. Jesse. Royal Garrison Artillery.
Prizeman. F. Royal West Surrey.
Prizeman. P. Hants.
Reeves. F. Duke of Cornwalls L.I.
Reeves. W. Royal West Surrey.
Rivers. R. Hants.

Sherman. W. Royal Navy.
Sherman. H. Royal Navy.
Sherman. E. Royal Berks.
Silver. R. Middlesex.
Simes. P. R.A.M.C.
Simes. S. Royal Navy.
Simes. B. Royal Navy.
Simes. J. Royal Navy.
Smith. A. National Reserve.
Snuggs. E. Royal Engineers.
Snuggs. P. A.V.C.
Stevens. K.
Smith. J. Royal Navy.
Steadman. C. A.S.C.
Sims. W. Royal West Surrey.
Streeter. R. Somerset Light Infantry.
Simpson. C. Royal West Surrey.
Simpson. A. Hants.
Simpson. C. Royal Berks.
Saint. A. Hants.
Smith. F. Royal West Surrey.

Taylor. W. Royal West Surrey.
Tilly. C.S. A.S.C.
Toogood. M. Military Police.
Turvil. A. Royal Field Artillery.
Turvil. G. Royal West Surrey.
Turvil. C. Duke of Cornwalls L.I.
Turvil. R. Royal Navy.

Vass. J. Duke of Cornwalls L.I.
Vass. W. Hants.
Vince. A. Devons.

Wales. H. Royal Engineers.
Watts. A. A.S.C.
Westbrook. A.W. Royal Navy.
Wilds. H. Hants.
Wilds. J. Dorsets.
Willis. A. Dorsets.
Willis. G. Wilts.
Willis. A.(2nd) Dorsets.
Willis. C. Hants.
Willis. T. Hants.
Willis. H. 19 Hussars.
Winter. A. Royal West Surrey.
White. G. Royal West Surrey.
White. C. A.S.C.
Wooderson. H. Royal Berks.

Watmore. H. Hants.
Woodcock. O. A.S.C.
Wooldridge. Rev. R.D. C.F.

Original grave cross on wall in All Saints Church.

to the

Lieut. James Windsor Lewis.
1st Bn. Welsh Guards
(Late 19th Husaars)


Rest of plaques around church.

Marble/stone plaque on wall in All Saints Church.

In loving and honoured Memory of
Arthur Chester Brandon
Captain 1st/4th battn. Hampshire Regiment
only surviving son of Arthur and Kate Brandon
of "Redfields" Church Crookham
Born 7th September 1885 killed in action 21st January 1916
near Felahie in Mesopotamia during the advance to
attempt the relief of Kut-el-Amara.

"In sure and certain hope of the Resurrection
to Eternal life through Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Brass plaque on wall in All Saints Church.

To the dear memory of
Patrick Egerton,
Lieutenant in the Royal Navy,
sixth son of Charles James
Maxwell Lefroy of Itchil Manor
and Elizabeth Catherine his wife.
Born August 8 1888,
killed in action in the Dardanelles
on board H.M.S. Mosquito,
April 25 1915.

He loved duty more than he loved his life.

"Is it well with the child? And she said,"
"it is well."

His Mother

Brass on stone plaque on wall in All Saints Church.

To the
Glory of God
and in ever loving
Remembrance of my Husband
John Horsley
Lieutenant R.G.A.
Killed in Action at
19th May 1917

Commonwealth War Grave in churchyard.

WR/126647 Sapper
J. Cane
Royal Engineers
11th March 1920

Not as I will
but as Thou wilt

131744 Private
W. Farmer
Machine Gun Corps (Inf.)
21st December 1920

5957 Private
J. Pound
The Queen's
11th November 1920 Age 23

8574 Private
W.E. Sherman
Royal Berkshire Regiment
1st January 1918 Age 30

Also his daughter
Dora Phyllis Hack
27th June 1997 Age 80
Reunited in loving peace