May 86


Stone memorial on roadside outside churchyard.
(W. Wells name added September 2009, before that F.D. Peckham's name was in the middle at the bottom of the names.)



In proud and loving memory
of those of this parish
who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.

F. Alford  R.N.                  E. Judd  Hants.R.
R. Andrews R.N. J. Judd G.Gds.
T. Barnes Hants.R. L.F. Kemp R.Berks.R.
G.H. Broomfield R.N. C. Kilford R.N.
F.J. Burton K.R.Rif.C. W.M. Lawrence R.N.
W. Collard Hants.R. S.G. Masterman R.G.A.
I.D. Dalrymple M.C. H.L.I. J.M. Mouland Hants.R.
W. Doe R.N. T.J. Osman R.N.
C. Effemy R.M.A. A. Painter Hants.R.
F.C. Farmer G.Gds A.F. Payne R.N.

R. Farmer G.Gds. H.E. Pritchard Merc.Mar.
W. Frampton O.&.B.L.I. G.F. Russell 14th Montreal R.
R.C. Gear R.A.S.C. T.F. Stanhope Rif.Brig.
W.F. Harrington G.Gds. W.J. Thomas Hants.R.
L.C. Harrison Shrops.L.I. R.T. Vachell North.Fus.
W.H. Hope R.N.A.S. C.M. White R.A.F.
F.D. Peckham Glos.Hus. W. Wells M.M. Glos.Regt.

"Their name liveth for evermore."

St. Mary's Church, wooden shrine with closing doors on wall inside church.
(Names are both wars, only those of WW1 have a link)

For God, King and Country.

1914 - 19 1939 - 45

Frank Alford James Judd

Reginald Andrews Leslie F. Kemp

Charles M. Barnes Charles Kilford

Tom Barnes Dennis Lanaghan

Noah Boyce Wesley M. Lawrence

George H. Broomfield Alfred Lawford

Lester Brownen Walter Long

William J.F. Bull Stanley G. Masterman

Frederick J. Burton Joseph M. Mouland

Wilfred Collard Frederick C.V. Murray

Ian D. Dalrymple Thomas J. Osman

Albert J. Davis Albert Painter

William Doe Jocelyn Parsons

Charles Effery Albert F. Payne

Frederick C. Farmer Frederick D. Peekham

Reginald Farmer William A. Philps

George Ferguson Harry E. Pritchard

William Frampton Gordon Reynolds

Roland C. Gear George F. Russell

John G. Greening Reginald G. Shaw

Louis C. Harrison Talbot F. Stanford

William F. Harrington Wilfred J. Thomas

George Hatch Richard T. Vachell

Philip Hibbert Claude M. White

William H. Hope William Young

Ernest Judd

Commonwealth War Graves in churchyard.

145114 Gunnere
S.G. Masterman
Royal Garrison Artillery
1st September 1917

69395 2nd Air Mech.
C.M. White
Royal Flying Corps
25th November 1917 Age 29

Grant him Lord eternal rest
and let light perpetual
shine upon him