Memorial chapel in Christchurch Priory, a panel of names each side of the entrance to the chapel

Panel outside above door to chapel.

In ever grateful remembrance of those who
fell for God and King, for Right, for Freedom
and for Peace in the Great War 1914-1918

Left side panel.

Edward Adams.
George Adey.
Sidney George Atkins.
George Ayles.
Robert Ayles.
Frederick Harvey Barnes.
Joseph Brinson Barnes.
Lionel William Barnes.
Tom Barnes.
Harvey Noel Stratton Boggust.
Albert Victor Brewer.
Samuel Walter Burton.
Herbert Jesse Baker.
Frederick George Barrow.
Arthur Bendell.
Frederick Booker.
Bernard Barnes.
Edward Beeson.
Herbert Leonard Barnes.
Charles Ernest Chaney.
Frederick William Clarke.
Richard Charles Cousins.
Charles Croucher.
Frank Clark.
John William Collins.
Stanley Kegwin Collins.
Sidney Edward Cull.
William Corbin.
George Walter Clark.

William Cuthbertson.
Charles Lambert Druitt.
Harold George Dixon.
John Down.
Fred Drover.
Charles Etheridge.
Reginald Farrell.
Percival James French.
George Leslie Ferrey.
Harold William Froud.
Herbert James Fennemore.
Howard G H Farwell.
Frederick George Gatrill.
John Goldsmith.
David Griffiths.
William Griffiths.
Alfred William Hames.
Anson Shirley Hamilton.
Francis George Haskell.
Frederick Albert Hawkins.
Albert Edward Hinton.
Hugh Irving Hartford.
Arthur John Hatcher.
Arnold Hawkins.
Frank Herbert.
Bert Hiscock.
Herbert John Jones.
Harry Kerley.
William Kendall.

Under panel.

Ye that live on mid english
pastures green

Added later on panel below the above inscription.

1914 - 1918

Arthur Victor Roy Alsford.
Frank Best.
Frank Thomas Eaton.
Charles Arthur Hiscock.

Arthur House.
William George Matthews.
William Richard Stroud.

Right side panel.

Hugh Denham King.
Robert James Longman.
Frederick Frank Legg.
William Edward Lane.
William James Luckham.
Albert Lambert.
Leonard London.
George Frank Martin.
Frank H Mitchell.
Ernest Gerald Marshall.
Bertie Frank Martin.
Edward Walter Moore.
Ernest F Gerald Munday.
William John Moss.
William Edward Marshall.
Albert Thomas Miller
James Sidney Miller.
Walter Matthew Macdonald.
Albert John Mills.
Alfred Bertram Moody.
Arthur James Morris.
William Moorey.
Leslie Moorey.
John Harry Miller.
Fred Norman.
John Douglas Nutman.
Walter Olden.
Fergus Peden.
John Robert Pardy.
Thomas Plowman.

Harry Upton Poynter.
Frank Preston.
George Parkin.
Walter Pike.
Walter John Read.
William George Read.
Harold Randall.
George William Scott.
Leonard Frank Sparks.
John Stanforth.
Noah James Steed.
Vincent Street.
Charles Stride.
Ernest Symes.
Peter Thompson.
Arthur Charles Trevis.
Geoerge William Sidney Vatter.
William Thomas Vey.
Harry Vincent.
James Robert Walker.
William Amos Watts.
George White.
Harry Whitlock.
Harry Borden Wills.
Frank Wilcox.
Clarence Wright.
Arthur Winkworth.
Arthur William Young.

Under panel.

remember us and think what
might have been

Roll of honour book in wooden glazed case on wall in chapel.

Case locked, will have to get information later.