St Mary The Less Church

Marble tablet on wall on inside of church.

1987 2004

Those whom this tablet commemorates were numbered
among those who at the call of King and Country
left all that was dear to them endured hardness
faced danger and finally passed out of the sight
of men by the path of duty and self - sacrifice
giving up their own lives that others might live
in freedom.

Maj. P.G. Mason D.S.O. Pte. H.J. Betteridge Pte. P. Hatcher

Lieut. C.H. Crowley " F. Bendall " C.W. Knight

P.O. E. Rodden R.N. " A. Drake " B. Mould

Sergt. W.J. Johnson " H. Drake " L. Ralph

Pte. W. Andrews " W. Fisher " W. Vidler

Let those who come after see to it that their names be not forgotten

On paper in wooden frame.

(Not obviously there in 2004.)

Philip Mason. Henry Drake.

Hugh Crowley. William Fisher.

Edward Rodden. Percy Hatcher.

William Johnson. Charles Knight.

William Andrews. Benjamin Mould.

Henry Betteridge. Leonard Ralph.

Frederick Bendall. William Vidler.

Arthur Drake.

and we pray that God will help us to follow their good example that we may
with them enjoy continual increase of light and peace and at length
enter in to the fullness of his unending joy through Jesus Christ Our Lord.