Stone cross outside St Boniface Church on octagonal base.

1985 2005

Names and inscription from left to right on 5 panels.

Charles E. Barnes Private Essex Regt.

Sydney P. Bell Captain R.F.A.

George H. Browning Sergeant. R.G.A.

Arthur Blake Rifleman Rifle Brigade.

Margaret S. Caswell Q.M.A.A.C.

Alfred E. Cailes Private Norfolk Regt.

Cyril Clulee Gunner New Zealand F.A.

John A.R. Dyke Private Gloster Regt.

H. Leonard Eydmann Private Norfolk Rt.

James Goddon Stoker H.M.S. Queen Mary.

Roger Gresley Major R.F.A.

Frederick Harfield AB. H.M.S. Paragon.

Sydney Hillier Private ASct. Canadians.

W. Herbert Hillier Private Hants Regt.

Alan V. Hawkey Private London Regt.

Charles Knowles Chief P.O. H.M.S. Otranto.

William H. Kelsey Seaman R.N.V.R.

Harold G.F. Longhurst L.Col. R.Berks Rt.

Albert E. Lawrence Private Devon Rt.

William J. Larkin Private R.Sussex Rt.

James Mitchell Rifleman Rifle Bde.

Ernest Mitchell Lce. Corp. Lancs. Fus.

Joseph A. Martin Private Hants Rt.

Edward T. Martin Sergeant Surrey Rt.

in Grateful Memory
of these
who fell in the
Great War. A.D. 1914 - 1919.

Frederick Marsh Private Wilts Regt.

Albert G. Moody Corporal Hants Regt.

Adalbert D. Pank Lieut R.E.

Alfred M. Passell Gunner R.F.A.

Frank Parsons Sergeant Hants Regt.

F. Andrew Pierssene Lieut R. Sussex Rt.

Sydney A. Poulton Private Dorset Rt.

Herbert Pincombe Private Dorset Rt.

Geoffrey F.J. Reeves 2nd Lieut Hants Rt.

Arthur G. Ritchie Captain Cameronians.

William J. Sadler Ms. at Arms H.M.S. Viknor.

George C. Sanson Private Canadians.

Edward T. Sceanes Gunner R.F.A.

Arthur J. Todd Gunner R.F.A.

William J. Tosdevine Gunner R.G.A.

Harry Unsworth Pte Coldstream Gds.

John S. Wilson Lt.Com. H.M.S. Indefatigable

Harry S. Wilson Major R. Munster Fus.

Frederick Wooldridge1Cs P.O. H.M.S. Arun.

Robert F. West Private. Wilts Regt.

Frank Webb Private. Hants Regt.

Frederick W. Whitmore Pte Border Rt.

Fred C. White Gunner R.G.A.

William E. Young Gunner R.G.A.

Inscription on step front over 3 sides of memorial.

These died in war that we at peace might live.

These gave their best so we our best should give.

St Boniface Church, wooden plaque on wall inside church.


O Andrews
C.E. Barnes
S.P. Bell
A.W. Blake
G.H. Browning
A.E. Cailer
M. Caswell
C. Clulee
J.A.R. Dyke
L. Eydman
J. Godden
R. Gresley
F. Harfield
A. Hawkey
S. Hillier
W.H. Hillier
W.H. Kelsey
G. Knowles

W.J. Larkin
A. Lawrence
H.G.F. Longhurst
F. Marsh
E.T. Martin
F.A. Martin
J.A. Martin
E. Mitchell
J. Mitchell
A.G. Moody
A.D. Pank
F. Parsons
A.M. Passell
F.A. Pierssene
H. Pincombe
W.F.C.C. Plowden
S. Poulton

G.F.J. Reeves
A.G. Ritchie
W.J. Sadler
G.C. Sanson
E.T. Sceanes
A.J. Todd
W.J. Tosdevine
C. Tuersley
H. Unsworth
F. Webb
R.F. West
F.C. White
F.W. Whitmore
H.S. Wilson
J.S. Wilson
F. Wooldridge
W.E. Young