Stone cross on grass triangle on road junction in village, names etc on plinth at bottom of cross.

Front panel.

In memory of those who went
out from Burley and fell
gallantly in defence of their
country in the Great War 1914-18.
"Their name liveth for evermore"
Erected by Col. Frank Willan and his
wife as a token of their gratitude
to God for the preservation of two
sons and a son-in-law in the army who
served in France during the war.

Left side panel.

A.F. Anderson Capt. K.O.S.B.
G.G. Bowen Capt. Lanc.Fus.
G. Fortescue Capt. Rif.Brig.
A.T. Lucas Rt.Hon. Lord Capt. R.A.F.
R.F. Lowndes Lieut. K.R.R.C.
N. Blanchard 2nd Lieut. Dorset.R.
W. Doswell Lg.Stoker R.N.
E. Green Gunner. R.A.
J.W. Hayter Pte. Hamps.R.
T. Kendall Sapper. R.E.
G.M. Thompson Lieut. R.Scots.

T.B. Sellar Lt.Col. K.O.S.B. C.M.G. D.S.O.

Right side panel.

J. Lester Chief Stoker. R.N.
S. Melbourne Pte. Hamps.R.
S. Sandy Pte. Hamps.R.
S.A. Stride Gunner. R.G.A.
A. Street Corpl. Hamps.Yeo.
W. Sims L.Corpl. Hamps.R.
W.H. Sque Pte. Som.L.Inf.
L. Watts Pte. R.Berks.R.
A. Weeks Gunner. R.G.A.

A. Norcott Pte. Devon.R.
A. Bryant Gunner. R.F.A.

Wooden shrine on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

Inscription on top panel of shrine.

God, King & Country

Centre panel of shrine.

1914 - 1918

Greater love

hath no man

Capt. A.F. Anderson
N. Blanchard
Capt. G.G. Bowen M.C.
A. Bryant
W. Doswell
J.W. Downton
Capt. G. Fortescue
E. Green
J.W. Hayter
J. Hayter
A.E. House
T. Kendall

S. Sandy
J. Lester
Sec.Lt. R.F. Lowndes
Lord Lucas R.F.C.
S. Melbourne
A.H. Norcott
W. Sims
W.H. Sque
A. Street
S. Stride
Lt. G.M. Thompson
L. Watts
A. Weeks

The Heroic Dead

Brass plaque on wooden backing on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

In loving memory of
Sidney Arthur Stride,
of this parish,
who died of wounds recieved
in action April 26th 1918.
Aged 27 years
Interred at Rouen

Brass plaque on wooden backing on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

To the Glory of God
and in loving memory of
John Bourchier Wimbush
who died 11th April 1905, aged 37
Lieutenant Ewart Austin Bourchier Wimbush, D.F.C.
Royal Air Force
only child of the above
who fell in action at Gallipoli
23rd May 1918 on his 21st birthday.

Brass plaque on wooden backing on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

To the Glory of God
and in ever loving memory of
Herbert Charles Bruce Cummins
Captain 9th Seaforth Highlanders
killed near Armentieres
7th May 1916 aged 39.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

Bronze plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

To the Glory of God
and in honoured memory of
Abdy Fellows Anderson Capt.
3rd Batt: The Cameronians
(Scottish Rifles)
late Lieut: 13th Hussars
killed near Ypres April 23rd 1915
aged 43

Brass plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

To the Glory of God
and the dear memory of
George Masterman Thompson
Lieutenant "The Royal Scots"
the son of Colonel G.W. Thompson "The Royal Scots"
and Mrs Thompson, Beechwood, Burley:
Born at Eshowe, Zululand, 21st February 1890.
Killed while serving with the West African Frontier Force
gallantly leading an attack on a strongly entrenched
position of the enemy at Chra, Togoland. 22nd August 1914.

"Loyal to his King, his Country and his God."
"In a short time he fulfilled a long time."

In honour also of Sergeant Asuri Moshi and a private of the
Gold Coast Regiment. A Sergeant,2 Corporals and 9 Tirailleurs
(Senegalese) who bravely followed their young leader and
laid down their lives in defence of his body.

Requiescant in Pace.

Marble inlaid plaque on wall in St John the Baptist Church.

In memory of
Capt.G.G.Bowen M.C.
2nd Lancs.Fus. Killed
at Eterpigny, France
2nd September 1918
in the final
victorious advance
Aged 23 years

Window in St John the Baptist Church, inscription in bottom panel of window.

This window was subscribed for
during the years of 1904 - 1919
by the Children attending the Children's Service
and completed by them and their friends
for the first anniversary of the Armistice
11th November 1919
As a Thank Offering to Almighty God for
the preservation of Peaceful Homes
during Four Years of War