Brass plaque on wall in St Michael's Church

1914 1919

The Great War

In memory of
the Men from this Parish
who died for their Country

Corpl. A.J. Savage. Hampshire Reg. Pioneer. E. Bailey. Hampshire Reg.
Pte. N.C. Allen. Hampshire Reg. Cyclist W. Bye. Hampshire Reg.
Trooper R.J. Allen. D.C.M. 19th Hussars Pte. J. Cole. Hampshire Reg.
Pte. W.H. Cooper. Hampshire Reg.

The following Men from the Parish also served
their Country on Land and Sea, or in the Air.

Lieut.Col. A.H. French. D.S.O. R.M.L.I.
Compy.Sergt.Major W.G. Dunford. M.S.M. O.& B.L.I.
Sergt. J.E. Allen. R.A.M.C.
Sergt. R.J. Waldren. Hants. Reg.
Sergt. F.C. Withers. Worcester Reg.
Corpl. W.P. Allen. R.A.M.C.
Corpl. W.J. Arter. R.G.A.
L/Cpl. W.C. Wakefield. Hants. Reg.
Pte. A. Cooper. Hampshire Reg.
2nd A.M. S.A. Withers. R.A.F.

Pte. C.F. Cooper. Devonshire Reg.
Gunner. A. Dangerfield. R.G.A.
Gunner. A.V. Gregory. R.M.A.
Pte. James.Hedger. Hants. Reg.
Pte. John. Hedger. Hants. Reg.
Driver W. Hedger. M.G.C.
A.S.T. Newman. R.N.
2nd A.M. T.A. Redwood. R.A.F.
Pte. W.J. Wakefield. D.S.M. R.M.L.I.
Aircraftsman W.T. Whatley. R.A.F.

Lest We Forget.