Stone cross in St Mary's churchyard.

To the Glory of God

and in honoured memory of

the men of this parish

who fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Sergt. W. Bendry. Pte. C. Hewlett. Cpl. E. Musselwhite.

Pte. L. Blake. .. A. Judd. Pte. A. Offer.

H. Buckett. R.N. .. T. Joyce. .. H. Pacey.

Bdr. C. Carter. L/Cpl. W. Joyce. .. W. Pacey.

A. Cooper. R.N. T. Lampard. R.N. .. W. Robinson.

Pte. P. Daubney. Pte. J. Lampard. .. C. Shears.

.. G. Foote. Lieut. L. Langdon. S. Sturgess. R.N.

.. M. Frost. .. F. Lewington. Cpl. F. Walker.

.. T. Gale. L/Cpl. O. Munday. Pte. C. or G. Williams.

Their name liveth for evermore.

(NB. Inital damaged on Williams and it may be a C or G.)



St Mary's Church, wooden tablet in porch.

For God, King & Country.

(Centre panel)

Greater love hath

no man than this

1914 - 1918

Bendry, W. Lampard, J.

Buckett, H. Lewington, F.

Blake, L. Langton, L.

Carter, C. Musselwhite, E.

Cooper, A. Munday, O.

Daubney, P. Offer, A.

Frost, M. Pacey, H.

Foote, G. Pacey, W.

Gale, T. Robinson, W.H.

Hewlett, C. Shears, C.

Judd, A. Sturgess, S.

Joyce, T. Walker, F.

Joyce, W.E. Williams, C.

Lampard, T.

The Heroic Dead.

(Left Panel) (right panel)

1914 - 1918 1914 - 1918



Alderman, E. Hurford, S.

Baker, A. Ingram, J.

Bell, A. James, H.

Bevis, A. James, P.

Beauchamp, A.J. James, G.

Beauchamp, J.H. Joyce, B.

Bendrey, F. Judd, F.

Bendrey, G. Kibble, W.

Blake, H. Lampard, W.

Brewer, F. Langdon, E.

Butcher, A. Langdon, J.A.

Burnett, A. Leigh, L.

Carter, A. Leigh, A.

Carter, T. Leigh, A.E.

Carter, G. Lewington, W.

Daubney, E. Lewington, J.

Davis, F. Mackrill, E.

Davis, G. Malone, W.

Davis, F. Marlow, W.

Dawkins, M. Munday, H.

Duke, C. Musselwhite, F.

Duke, A. Portus, W.

Dumper, H. Prewett, W.

Echoff, T. Prior, H.

Elliot, W. Rawles, E.

Foote, J. Rogers, A.

Frost, R. Rogers, W.

Frost, P. Rogers, A.

Frampton, C. Rogers, G.

Frampton, R. Russell, F.

Giles, W. Shears, G.

Giles, E. Sivier, H.

Gillingham, H. Spencer, W.

Gillingham, A. Stone, A.

Gregory, W.H. Stone, H.

Gunstone, A. Stone, S.

Gunstone, C. Smith, A.

Guyatt, B. Smith, A.J.

Hailstone, F. Smith, E.

Hammett, F. Smith, W.H.

Hammett, S. Turner, R.

Hammett, L. Walker, E.

Hann, A. Watts, A.

Harding, F. Watts, W.

Hewlett, A. Wilson, E.

Hinwood, M. Williams, G.

Hinwood, N. Williams, E.

Hunt, L.J.

On side panels under 1939-1945 Roll of honour

(Left Panel) (right panel)

Auxillary Services Auxillary Services

1914 - 1918 1914 - 1918

Brewer, E. James, F.

Davis, E. Phelpe, I.

Holt, B. Stone, L.


Well house on roadside.

Tablets by well

This well made in the drought
of 1921 was given to Broughton by
John Trude Fripp in memory of his
son Lt. John Trude Tripp who
was killed in action in the Great War
at Loos October 1915 -
-Requiescat in Pace.

Formally handed over to the
Parish Council on behalf of
the donor by -
Sir Alfred D. Fripp - K.C.V.O. etc.
And the Tablet unveiled by -
Lady Fripp - Oct. 1926.

On parent knees a naked new-born child
weeping thou sat'st while all around
thee smiled
So live, that sinking in thy last long sleep
Calm thou mayst smile while all around
thee weep
Sir. Wm. Jones.
from the Persian.

Commonwealth War Graves in churchyard.

13359 Private
M.S. Frost. MM.
Hampshire Regiment
2nd August 1917

5485478 Private
A. Leigh
Hampshire Regiment
1st November 1920