Stone cross on road junction.

In proud memory of the men of Braishfield who fell in the Great War.

Sefton Purdey. Samuel Pottle.

Dudley F.C. Bacon. Thomas Pritchard.

Charles E. Abraham. William T. Parsons.

Walter Dorley. James F. Quick.

Eggins C. Goulding. Ernest W. Savage.

Edwin Goulding. Thomas Strange.

Frank G. Goulding. Albert E. Way.

William Harrington. Tom Webb.

George R. Kemish. Ernest G. Weston.

William H. Lane. Frederick W. Lane.



All Saints Church, Braishfield

Beautiful framed paper scroll framed on wall in vestry - appears to be the original one in the church (see below for new memorial)

Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.


Eggins Charles Goulding 2nd Hampshire Regiment

Killed in action April 23, 1917, aged 19

James Frank Quick Wiltshire Regiment

Killed in action October 6, 1918, aged 31

Thomas Pritchard 1st Hampshire Regiment

Killed in action July 1, 1916, aged 32

William Harrington Hampshire Regiment

Died of Wounds June 7, 1915, aged 33

Tom Webb Devonshire Regiment

Killed in action November 7, 1918, aged 32

George Richard Kemish 1st Battn Buffs (East Kents)

Died of wounds September 7, 1917, aged 27

Walter Dorley 2nd Battn Yorkshire Regiment

Samuel Pottle 1st Battn Hampshire Regiment

Killed in action April 26, 1915, aged 20

Ernest George Weston Royal Field Artillery

Killed in action July 1, 1916, aged 33

William Thomas Parsons Royal Garrison Artillery

Died of Wounds July 23, 1916, aged 21

Edwin Goulding 2nd Hampshire Regiment

Killed in action August 6, 1916, aged 27

Ernest William Savage Devonshire Regiment

Died of Cerebro spinal memingitis Feb 1, 1917, aged 18

Charles Edward Abraham 15th Hampshire Regiment

Killed in action at Bapaume March 25, 1918, aged 24

Thomas Strange Royal Service Corps

Died of Influenza in France November 10, 1918, aged 41


"Greater love hath no man than this that

a man lay down his life for his friends"




All Saints Church

Wooden tablet on wall inside with both 1st & 2nd world war names - a replacement for the original First World War one?

To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of the

men of Braishfield who gave their lives in the wars

of 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945.

1914 - 1918 1914 - 1918

Charles E Abraham William T Parsons

Dudley F C Bacon Samuel Pottle

Walter Dorley Thomas Pritchard

Eggins C Goulding Sefton Purdy

Edwin Goulding James F Quick

Frank G Goulding Ernest W Savage

William Harrington Thomas Strange

George R Kemish Albert E Way 1914 - 1918

Frederick W Lane Tom Webb William Clelford

William H Lane Ernest G Weston

(3rd column lists 1939-45 people and one 1914-18)


Brass plaque (writing/decoration "painted" on) on wall behind choir/vicars seat.

In loving memory

of my dear son

Edwin Goulding.

Killed in action in France,

August 6th. 1916, aged 27 years.

Faithful unto Death.