War Cloister by road just outside St Matthew's churchyard, five bronze plaques on back wall
inside cloister. Centre plaque is also a drinking fountain and has the names of the fallen on.

Inscription around cross base.

Truly there is a God that judgeth thee earth

Far left plaque.

Remember children
the glory and the
sadness of war
the courage of the
men & the sorrow
and suffering
of all the

Near left plaque.

* WAR *
In the hand of the
Lord there is a cup &
the wine is red it is
full mixed and he
poureth out of the
same * As for the dregs
thereof all the ungodly of
the earth shall drink
them and lap them up

Centre plaque made into fountain.

Children remember the names of the men
from this village who fearlessly gave their
lives for their country in the war 1914 to 1918

Captain.Hon.R.S.A.Palmer * Captain.H.E.Kentish * 1st.Class.Stoker. G.Lacey
Lance. Corpl. F.A.Windibank * Trooper. F.Dewey * Trooper. R.G.Harrington
Driver.H.Evans * Gunner.H.Budd * Gunner.W.A.Smedley * Sapper.H.W.G
Chamberlain * Pt:.L.Gale * * W.Wells * H.White*C.W.Roke
J.Spencer * F.W.Sutton * * P.Wakeford * R.G.Waller
H.J.Norris * A.Parkes * * L.Quennell * T.Lloyd
G.Warner * G.Clark * * A.Heighes * G.Lockley
M.Cooper * W.Warner * * J.Holden * R.Hoare
L.Beckingham * * * * H.Whitmore

Near right plaque.

Blessed are the peace
makers for they shall
be called the children
of God * Acquaint now
thyself with God and
be at peace * Thereby
good shall come unto thee
there is no peace saith
my God to the wicked.

Far right plaque.

In * MEMORY * of
Robert Stafford
Arthur Palmer
killed in battle his
parents have caused
this cloister and
fountain to
be made

Wooden painted tablet on wall in St Matthew's church.

To the Glory of God
and in grateful memory of the
Blackmoor men belonging to the
regular militia or territorial
units of the county who gave
their lives for England in the
German War
1914 - 1918

The Hampshire Regiment
Capt. The Hon. Robert Stafford Arthur Palmer. Mesopotamia. 21.Jan.1916.
Coy.Q.M.Sergt. Frederick Fisher, D.C.M. Gallipoli Peninsula. 7.Aug. 1915.
Private Leslie Beckingham. Gallipoli Peninsula. 21.Aug.1915 + Private Charles
George Clark. England. 13.Dec.1918 + Private Arthur Heighes. France.
9.Oct.1916 + Private John Holden. Flanders. 4.Aug.1917 + Private Robert
Hoare. Flanders. 13.May 1915. + L-Corp. Arthur Herbert Watson Lennard.
England. 21.Nov.1918. + Private Leonard Quennell. France. 23.April.1917
Private Frederick Walter Sutton. France. 21.July.1918. + Private Percy
Wakeford. Taurus Mountains. 8.Sep.1916 + Private George Warner. Flanders.
9.Aug.1916. + Private William Wells. Flanders. 16.Oct.1916. + Private Henry
Whitmore. France. 19.July 1916. + Private Henry White. France. 23.Jan.1915.

The Hampshire (Carabineers) Yeomanry.
Lance Corporal Frederick Arthur Windibank. France. 30.May. 1918

The Hampshire (Fortress) Engineers
Sapper Harry William George Chamberlain. Salonica. 24.July. 1916

"They shall hunger no more neither thirst
any more neither shall the sun light on
them nor any heat for the lamb which
is in the midst of the throne shall feed
them and shall lead them unto living
fountains of waters and God shall
wipe away all tears from their eyes"

Wooden painted tablet on wall in St Matthew's church, on the opposite wall to the above tablet.

To the Glory of God
and in grateful memory of the
Blackmoor men belonging to the
Royal Navy, Royal Marines and
various regiments of the Army, &
Royal Air Force, who gave their lives
for England in the German War
1914 - 1918

First Class Stoker George Lacey. H.M.S."GoodHope". Cape Coronel. 1.Nov.1914.
Private Leslie Gale. Royal Marine Light Infantry. France. 28.Sep.1918.
Petty Officer William Spencer. Submarine B.12. England. 8.Mar.1919.
Captain Harold Edward Kentish. M.C. Royal Engineers. France. 30.Mar.1918.
Sergeant Frank Davis. D.C.M. Royal Engineers. France. 15.July.1916.
Gunner Harry Budd. Royal Garrison Artillery. Egypt. 6.June.1918.
Private Maurice Cooper. Machine Gun Corps. France. 21.Mar.1918.
Trooper Frederick Dewey. 2nd Life Guards. France. 3.May.1917.
Driver Hugh Evans. Royal Field Artillery. France. 27.Aug.1918.
Trooper Robert George Harrington. 2nd Dragoon Gds. France. 1.Nov.1914.
Private Thomas Lloyd. The Gloucestershire Regiment. France. 3.Sep. 1916.
Private George Lockley. The Devonshire Regiment. Flanders. 26.Oct.1917.
Private Harry James Norris. The Royal Berkshire Regt. France. 30.Mar.1918.
Private Charles William Roke. The King's R.Rifle Cps. Flanders. 7.June.1917.
Gunner William Arthur Smedley. R.Garrison Artillry. Flanders. 31.July.1917.
Private James Spencer. The Gloucestershire Regiment. France. 2.April.1917.
Private Richard George Waller. R.Army Service Corps. France. 2.July.1918.
Private William Warner. The Lincolnshire Regiment. France. 10.Mar.1915.
Private Albert Parkes. Royal Air Force. England. 3.Nov.1918.

The Lord shall preserve thee from
all evil. He shall preserve thy soul
the Lord shall preserve thy going
out and thy coming in from this
time forth and even for evermore.

Brass plaque on wall in St Matthew's church.

To the memory
Captain H.E.Kentish.M.C.,R.E.
killed in action March 30th
Erected by the N.C.O's and Men
of the 281st Army Troops
Company R.E.

Wooden tablet in St Matthew's church on side wall by altar.

To the beloved
memory of
Robert Stafford
Arthur Palmer
Captain 6th Battall-
ion The Hampshire
Regiment * Son of
William and maud
2nd Earl and Countess
of Selborne born
26th September 1888
killed in action in
in the battle of
January 21st 1916
Nor love thy life
nor hate but what
thou liv'st * live
well * how long or
short permit to

Wooden tablet in St Matthew's church on side wall by altar.

To the memory of Sarah
Wilfreda wife of George
Tournay Buddulph
daughter of Roundell
& Laura First Earl &
Countess of Selborne
Born October 3rd 1854
Died October 4th 1910
her body lies in the
churchyard of St Peter's
Petersham Surrey.
"Waiting for the coming
of our Lord Jesus Christ."
and of Victor
George Biddulph
the only child of George
Tournay and lady
Wilfreda Biddulph
Born May 24th 1897 died
in the Battle of the Somme
September 15th 1916. Lieut.
in the Rifle Brigade.
"It is good to die
at the hands of men
and look for hopes
which are given by God
that we shall be raised
up again by him."