Marble tablet on wall in the Church of the Holy Saviour.

Pro Deo Pro Patria

by the worshippers of this church
to the Glory of God
and in memory of the men of this parish
who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1919.

R. Barltrop
E. Biles
A. Blachford
J.C. Bucknill
W.A. Bunney
H.G. Carter
W. Carter
G.E. Cassell
G. Chalk
W. Cherritt
D.G. Coffin
J.T. Colborn
E.A. Collis

P.H. Collis
G. Cooper
R.C.F. Cotton
C.R. Diaper
F.J. Duffin
H.A. Eden
J. Ferris
A. Fry
R.H. Grant
J. Harrison
C. Hasler
A.R. Heard

J.F. Jewett
A.C. Kimber
C.H. Lebourne
A. Levingstone
H. Levingstone
A.S. Macnaghten
N. McLean
R. McLean
C.D. Meggs
R. Miller
A.J. Othen
H. Percy

J.H. Perren
H. Plimsole
P.H. Powell
A.C. Pralle
R.C. Prince
J.H. Purkiss
H.J. Rankine
H. Reeves
C.H. Remsbury
S.F.E. Sampson
B. Smith
H. Spencer

S. Spencer
A.H. Stickland
J. Stubbs
E.N. Thorn
E. Thornton
W.A. Wake
A.G. Warren
A. Watson
G.W. Watson
H. White
J.E.J. Williams
G.F. Wiltshire
J.C. Young

"Their name liveth for evermore."

Marble tablet on wall in the Church of the Holy Saviour.

to the dear memory
Ralph Charles Fairbairn Cotton,
(Winchester and New College)
of Brydone in this parish,
Lieutenant 1/1 Hampshire Yeomanry,
attached 4th Squadron M.G.C. Cavalry.
Mentioned In Despatches
for services in Bourlon Wood Nov: 1917.
Awarded the Croix-de-Guerre
"For remarkable bravery and presence of mind"
during the cavalry attack in the Bois des Essarts
near Noyon on 26 March 1918
when he was mortally wounded.
He died at Evreux on 28th March 1918
and was there buried aged 35.
"Fidelitas vincit."

Memorial window in the Church of the Holy Saviour, inscription in bottom right corner.

Remember ye
with thanksgiving
and all honour
the glorious dead
of Bitterne
who fell in the
Great War
+ 1914 - 1919 +