St. Peters Church, war memorial in churchyard near entrance.

1986 2005

Front panel.(The "s" has been added later to "war" for WW2)

The Great Wars
1914 - 1919
They died that we might live

Right side panel.

F.C. Andrews.
T.E. Andrews.
J.H. Apps.
R.E. Bailey.
E.A. Barfoot.
T. Batt.
C.A. Bell.
G.G. Casey.
L.A. Conduct.

W.E. Conduct.
F.A. Cook.
G.J. Cottle.
J. Cutler.
C. Davis.
Albert H. Emmett.
Alfred H. Emmett.
L. Epps.
H. Etheridge.

The following names have been added later on the step below.

F. Andrews.
A.B. Best.
J.L. Doveton.

D. Bruce.
W.J. Copp.
E. Gore.

W.H. Garside.
W. Matthews.

Back panel.

W.A. Fursey.
H. Gibson.
N.S. Gibson.
R.G.B. Giffard-Brine.
J.H. Gunner.
B.G. Gunner.
E.G. Gunner.
C. Hammond.
H. Hammond.

F.W. Harvell.
W.J. Hewett.
H.D. Hewett.
F. Higgens.
H. Lacey.
E.E. Lee.
G. Lovell.
W.E. May.
G.W. Newland.

Left side panel.

A.S. Paice.
P. Price.
W. Price.
A.E. Purnell.
E. Richards.
W.H. Richards.
G.S. Richards.
A.F. Sims.

O.F. Sims.
C. Smith.
W.C. Steele.
F.A. Stubbs.
F. Watson.
W.J. Weeks.
E. Weeks.
R.F. Weavil.

On wall in St. Peters Church, paper roll in frame, hand written.


C. Smith. A.E. Emmett.

E.G. Gunner. G. Cottle.

H. Gibson. J. Cutler.

G.G. Casey. E.E. Lee.

T.E. Andrews. F. Harvell.

R. Bailey. F. Watson.

W. Price. W.A. Fursey.

W.J. Hewett. PTE. Price.

D. Bruce. G.W. Newland.

A.B. King. W.H. Richards.

W.C. Steele. F. Higgins.

A.H. Emmett. W.J. Weeks.

B.G. Gunner. R.F. Weavil.

L.A. Conduct. H. Hammond.

F. Weeks. A.S. Paice.

R.G.B. Giffard-Brine. N.S. Gibson.

G. Lovell. A.E. Purnell.

E.A. Barfoot. J.H. Apps. M.M.

F.C. Andrews. J.H. Gunner.

L. Epps. C. Davis.

H. Lacey. E. Richards.

W. Edgar. M.M. H.D. Hewett.

C. Hammond. F.A. Stubbs.

W.E. Conduct. T. Batt.

A.F. Sims. H. Etheridge.

E.A. Cook.

O.W. Sims.

C.A. Bell.

Centre panel.


Greater love hath
no man than
this, that a man
lay down his life
for his friends.

them LORD
Eternal Rest,
and let
Light perpetual
shine upon

Right panel.

(This is WW2 names)


Brass plaque on wall in St. Peters Church.

Giving thanks to God for the
memory of John Hugh Gunner
Captain Hampshire Carabiniers
Yeomanry, killed in action near
Ypres 9th August 1918 aged 34
Gloria eorum non delebitur.

Brass plaque on wall in St. Peters Church.

In loving memory
Robin George Bruce
Midshipman * Royal Navy
Dearly loved youngest son of
Admiral & Mrs George Giffard
killed on board H.M.S. Invincible
in the battle of Jutland
31st May 1916 * Aged 17 years
Fulfilled is the Sacrifice. Lord is it well?

Brass plaque on wall in St. Peters Church.

To the Glory of God
in proud and ever loving memory of
Andrew Buchanan King
Major 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders T.F.
died at Hazebrouch 28th May 1915 from wounds recieved
in action 24th May 1915 at the second battle of Ypres
Aged 40
"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see GOD" 5 Matt v8
This memorial is erected by his wife Evelyn Nina, daughter
of Henry Edmund Sharpe M.A. Rector of Bishop's Waltham

Original framed hand written scroll now in Bishops Waltham Museum.

Bishop's Waltham
Roll of Honour
To the Glory of God,
and in ever grateful memory of the following
Officers and Men connected with this Parish,
who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918.

(Left column)

Andrews, Frederick Charles, H.M.S. Princess Royal.
Andrews, Thomas Edward, Royal Field Artillery.
Apps, John Henry, 6th Canadian Infantry Battalion.
Bailey, Ralph Earnest, Australian Imperial Forces.
Barfoot, Edwin Albert, H.M.S. Queen Mary.
Batt, Theophilus, Welsh Regiment.
Bell, Charles Albert, H.M.S. Gurkha.
Casey, George Gordon, Hants R.G.A.
Conduct, Leonard Arthur, 2nd Hampshire Regt.
Conduct, William Edward, 2nd Hampshire Regt.
Cook, Frederick Alexander, Royal Field Artillery.
Cottle, George James, Royal Army Service Corps.
Cutler, John, Royal Garrison Artillery.
Davis, Cecil, 1st Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
Emmett, Albert Henry, Gloucestershire Regt.
Emmett, Alfred Harry, 9th Rifle Brigade.
Epps, Louis, 1st Hampshire Regt.
Fursey, William Arthur, Royal Garrison Artillery.
Gibson, Herbert, Royal Field Artillery.
Gibson, Neil Stuart, 6th Hampshire Regt.
Giffard-Brine, Robin George Bruce, H.M.S. Invincible.
Gunner, Benjamin George, 1st Northumberland Fusiliers.
Gunner, Edward Geoffrey, H.M.S. Bulwark.
Gunner, John Hugh, Hampshire Yeomanry.
Hammond, Charles, 13th Hampshire Regt.

(Right column)

Hammond, Herbert, H.M.S. Partridge.
Harvell, Frederick William, 12th Hampshire Regiment.
Hewett, Howard Dudley, 1st Buffs (attached R.A.F.)
Hewett, William John, 3rd Royal Munster Fusiliers.
Higgens, Francis, Worcestershire Regt.
Lacey, Harry, 2nd Hampshire Regt.
Lee, Ernest E, 1st Hampshire Regt.
Lovell, George, H.M.S. Indefatigable.
May, William Edgar, 2nd Hampshire Regt.
Newlands, George William, 12th Rifle Brigade.
Paice, Archibald Stanley, 1st Buffs.
Price, Philip, Hampshire Regt.
Price, Walter, 1st Hampshire Regt.
Purnell, Albert Edward, Machine Gun Corps.
Richards, Esau, 8th Gloucestershire Regt.
Richards, William Henry, Royal Engineers.
Sims, Arthur Follett, 4th Canadian Infantry Battn.
Sims, Oswald Follett, 1st Hampshire Regt.
Smith, Charles, 1st Dorsetshire Regt.
Steele, William Charles, 3rd Hampshire Regt.
Stubbs, Frank Austin, 29th Royal Fusiliers.
Watson, Francis, 1st Highland Light Infantry.
Weavil, Reginald Frank, 15th Hampshire Regt.
Weeks, Edwin, 3rd Gloucestershire Regt.
Weeks, Wilfred Joseph, 8th Devonshire Regt.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

"Grant them Lord, Eternal Rest; and let Light Perpetual shine upon them."