Stone plaque on wall in St Mary's Church.

1914 1919
For God and Country

In memory of the men of Bentley
who gave their lives in the Great War

George Neal

Jesse Bryant
Alfred Dewey
Robert Dewey
Thomas Dubber
Oliver Field
George B Friend

Henry Neal
George S Smith
Robert Gatcum
William Hathaway
Cyril M Herrington
James Karn
Harry B Laney
Arthur Lawrence
James Wooderson

Frederick G Rampton

Alfred Lucas
Ambrose Moody
William E Pink
Herbert Pratt
Albert E Smith
William Wells

Stone inset on wall of War Memorial Hall off road in Bentley, WW1 names on left and WW2 names on right.
(only WW1 names listed here)

In proud and grateful memory
of the
Men of Bentley
who gave their lives for us,
for our country, and for the right
in the Two World Wars

1914 - 1918

Bryant Jesse Pte. Hampshire Regt.
Dewey Alfred Pte. 6th Queen's R.W.S.Regt.
Dewey Robert Pte. 2nd Northamptonshire Regt.
Dubber Thomas Pte. 7th Queen's R.W.S.Regt.
Field Oliver Lieut. Durham Light Infantry
Friend George B. Capt. The Buffs
Gatcum Robert Pte. The Queen's R.W.S.Regt.
Hathaway William Pte. 29 Canadian Regt.
Herrington Cyril M. L/Cpl. Grenadier Guards
Karn James Pte. Canadian Regt.
Laney Harry B. Sgt. Hampshire Yeomanry
Lawrence Arthur Gnr. Royal Field Artillery
Lucas Alfred Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Moody Ambrose Capt. Dorsetshire Regt.
Neal George Ldg/Stoker R.N.
Neal Henry P.O., R.N.
Pink William Pte. Hampshire Regt.
Pratt Herbert Gnr. Royal Field Artillery
Rampton Frederick G. C.P.O., R.N.
Smith Albert E Corpl. 4th Royal Fusiliers
Smith George Ldg/Stoker R.N.
Wells William Pte. 8th Queen's R.W.S.Regt.
Wooderson James Pte. Australian Light Infantry
Usher Frederick Pte. Hampshire Regt.

They are not dead if we but keep alive their spirit of
Self Sacrifice

Stone plaque on right outside wall on War Memorial Hall.

This hall was built in 1923 and
enlarged in 1952 by the people of
Bentley as a memorial to the men
of the parish who fell in the
Great Wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45