Celtic cross with garden on road junction.

1986 2004


1914 - 1918

Remember before God
the Gallant men of this parish
who gave their lives for us
in the Grear War
and those many others
who marched past this spot
and died in the same cause.

"May they rest in peace."

Left Hand Side.

Royal Navy.

Sub.lieut. A F. Wolfe R.N.V.R.

Stoker. R. Harding H.M.T. California


2nd Lieut. R.T.C. Willis Fleming

Gunner F. Richards

Gunner A.J. Harvey


Lieut.Col. R. Weston

Sergt. W.J. Barnes

Sapper R.H. Jones

Pioneer G.L. Longster

Coldstream Guards.

Pte. G.F. Gates

R. Warwicks.

Pte. H.W.C. Betteridge

R. Fusiliers.

L.C. R. Ashby D.C.M.

W. Yorks.

Major J.H. Jaques

Capt. A. Jaques

R. Scots Fusiliers.

Sergt. F. Gilliam


L.C. H. Peerman

Right Hand Side.

Hants Regt.

Pte. A. Boyes Pte. F. Pack

Pte. H. Furley Pte. E.A. Rigby

Pte. A. Gannaway Pte. W.C. Rogers

Pte. A. Goodall Pte. F. Rowe

L.C. H. Hallett Pte. H. Rowe

Pte. R. Leckblade Pte. W. Stevens

Pte. M. Tabor

I of Wight Rifles.

Rfn. E. Lewis Rfn. A. Richards

R. Berks.

Pte. S.J. Fray


Pioneer E.W. Richards


Gunner J. Hallett

Gunner A.F. Knott

Tank Corps.

Pte. C.H. Fitzjohn

Monmouth Regt.

2nd Lieut. L.S. Gueret Jones

Indian Infantry.

Lieut. R.P. Hankinson

Australian Infantry.

Pte. J. Scott

Two frarmed hand written scrolls on wall in St Michael & All Angels Church.

(Left side scroll.)

Roll of Honour 1914 - 1918.

2nd Lieut. L.S. Gueret Jones, Monmouth Regiment.
Sapper R.H. Jones, R.E.
Gunner A.F. Knott, M.G.C.
Pte. R. Leckblade,Hants Regiment.
Rifleman E. Lewes
Pioneer C E. Longster, R.E.
George MacFarlane.
Henry Massey.
Herbert Orde.
Allan Hayes Oxley.
Pte. F. Pack, Hants Regiment.
E.C.H. Peerman, D.C.L.I.
2nd Lieut. Matthew Arden Phillimore, IXth Essex.
2nd Lieut. Reginald Dacres Rendel, Oxford & Bucks Light Onfantry.
Charles Rennie.
Rifleman A. Richards, I. of W. Rifles.
Pioneer E.W. Richards, D.L.I.
Gunner F. Richards, R.A.
E.A. Rigby,Hants Regiment.
Private Basit Rogers, Lancashire Fusiliers.
Charles Rogers.
W.G. Rogers, Hants Regiment.
F. Rowe, Hants Regiment.
H. Rowe, Hants Regiment.
Pte. J. Scott, Australian Infantry.
W. Stevens, Hants Regiment.
M. Tabor, Hants Regiment.
Lieut.Col. P. Weston, R.E.
2nd Lieut. R.T.C Willis Fleming, R.A.
Sub Lieut. Arthur F. Wolfe, R.N.V.R.

Grant them, O Lord, Eternal rest, and
let light perpetual shine upon them.

(Right side scroll.)

Roll of Honour 1914 - 1918.

L.C.R. Ashby, D.C.M. Royal Fusiliers
Serjeant W.J. Barnes, R.E.
William James Barnes.
William Arthur Barfoot, H.M.S. Bulwark.
Captain Basil Beadon, 7th Batt.Royal Welch Fusiliers.
Pte. H.W.C. Betteridge, Royal Warwick
Pte. A. Boyes,Hants Regiment.
Captain Alfred Delves Broughton, R.M.L.I. H.M.S. Black Prince.
Alexander Carmichael, H.M.S. Princess Royal.
Herbert Cull.
Tempest Eyre Crabbe
Gordon Edwards.
Pte. C.H. Fitz John, Tank Corps.
Pte. S.J. Fray, Royal Berks.
Pte. H. Furley, Hants Regiment.
Pte. G.F. Gates, Coldstream Guards.
Pte. A. Gannaway, Hants Regiment.
Serjeant F. Gilliam, R. Scots Fusiliers.
Gunner J. Hallett, M.G.C.
Pte. L.C.H. Hallett, Hants Regiment.
Lieut. R.P. Hankinson, Indian Infantry.
Stoker. R. Harding, H.M.T. California.
Gunner A.J. Harvey, R.A.
Hugh Michael Hunter.
Capt. A. Jaques, W. Yorkshire.
Major J.H. Jaques, W. Yorkshire.
Commander George S Erskine Gray, R.N.R. R.D.

Grant them, O Lord, Eternal rest, and
let light perpetual shine upon them.