Two stone plaques on wall either side of side door in side chapel in St Michael the Archangel Church.

Plaque left of door with three panels.

For lives laid down
A.D. 1914 - 1919.
Bretheren pray for us
within this Chapel
of Remembrance
Where those on either
side the Veil may meet
in Prayer and
For we look for the
of the Dead.
And the Life
of the World to come.

Fred Adnams
Geoffrey Allen
William Andrews
Reginald A. Andrews
George Barton
John Batten
Frederick Baulch
Albert Blundy
Atheling Boustead
Clive Boustead
Alfred Bond
Ernest Bond
Frank Bond
Brinley Boyer
Percy Broadley
Harry Broadley
Charles Broadley
John Broadley

Ernest Bridgeman
Grahame Bryant
Frank Butler
Thomas Burridge
Gerald Budden
Cyril Budden
Leopold Buxton

Frederick Cleall
Ernest Cowdrey
Harold Cornish
Walter Copestake
William Culver

Frederick Dicker
Frank Dibley
Frederick Dibley
Redvers Dodd

Plaque right of door with nine panels, listed below in groups of three panels from left.

First three.

Ernest Dodd
William Dolton
Herbert Dray
Frederick Dry

George Ede
Percy Ede
Frank Elliott
William Elliott
Harold Finlinson
Fred Ferguson
Harry Fletcher
Charles Freeborn
Herbert Frost
Ernest Frude
Charles Fulker
R. Cecil Gomme
Arthur Gosling

George Gosling
Ernest Gosling
William Goodyear
William Gregory
F. Covey Gregory
Tom Griffin
Frank Hale
Albert Hathaway
Stanley Hawkesworth
Ralph Hailstone
Herbert Hailstone
Charles Hasler
William Hall
James Hardie
James Harrison
Robert Hitchcock
William Hill
Edwin Holton

William Hopgood

Albert Ilsley
Cyril Ilsley
Jesse Ilsley
Arthur Ilsley
Rupert Inglis (Priest)

Alfred Jacobs
Leonard Jacobs
John James
Reginald Joice
Philip Joice

Herbert Keyes
George Kerridge
Frederick Kinchin
George King

Next three.

Henry King
Charles Kite
Frederick Kneller

Charles Lawes
Frederick Leavey
Thomas Leadbetter
Reginald Lipscombe
Austin Long
Frederick Lunn
Robert Lucas
William Leadbetter
Edwin Martin
Francis Martin
Ernest Mayo
Reginald Mayo
Stewart Millard
Harold Millard

Francis Moth
Leslie Munday
Reginald Munton

Frank Nash
Edward North
George North

Thomas Oliver
James Pellett
Howard Pace
Herbert Parker
Nathaniel Paice
Frederick Paice
John Pellett
Sidney Phillips
Norman Phillips
Albert Phillips

Cyril Piper
Albert Pittard
Charles Powell
Baynard Powell
James Powell
Walter Pound
Christopher Prance
William Pullinger
Alfred Purdue

Mark Rawlins
Leslie Ranson
Paul Raynbird
Walter Raynbird
Arthur Richardson
Philip Rossiter
Charles Russell

Last three.

Albert Sargent
George Seal
Edward Shorney
Alfred Shorney
William Shadwell
Charles Sheppard
Wortley Simmons
Paul Simmons
Archibald Smith
Charles Smith
Albert G. Smith
Albert F. Smith
Harold Smith
W. George Smith
William Smith
George Smith
Arthur Snelling
Tom Stainer

Ernest Stratton
Ernest Stevens

Sidney Thumwood
George Tigwell
William Tigwell
Henry Tricker
Arthur Tripp
Frederick Trodd
Frederick Tubb

John Upward
Frederick Willoughby
Frank Vince
Dudley Ward
Alfred Watmore
Guy Wallis
Arthur Way

William Walker
John Watson
Leonard Wedge
Alfred Weston
Owen Wellspring
Maurice Webber
William J. Webb
Gordon Webb
Edwin Westbrook
Henry Whiteland
James Wheeler
Albert Wilmott
William Wilson
Sidney Witts
Joseph Wootten
George Wootten
Bertram Wyeth
William Yarlett

Paper scroll in brass frame on wall in St Michael the Archangel Church.

In the Name of God
And in ever loving memory of His Servant
Leslie Ranson
Lieutenant Worcestershire Regt.
Who passes beyond The Veil on St Michael's Day in
Frarnce - A.D. 1918.
We dedicate these Statues, within the newly discovered shrines
ever sacred to St Michael Warrior Angel and
The Blessed Mother Mary
Beneath the Cross of Sacrifice, the solace of all mourners.

Window in side remembrance chapel with inscription at bottom of each window and stone plaque below window on wall.

Left window inscription.

In loving memory of Wortley and Paul Simmons,
Wortley was killed in action near Jerusalem 1917 Aged 29.

Right window inscription.

Captains, 4th Btt. The Hampshire Regiment
Paul died of wounds beside the Synbratce 1915 Aged 21.

Stone plaque inscription.

~ To the Glory of God and in loving memory of ~
F. Wortley Simmons and Paul E.M. Simmons, Capts 4th Hants Regt
Born in this Parish, Worshipped in this Church.
Gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1918.

Wooden display table/case with roll of honour book inside.

As case was locked, the wording in the book has not yet been collected.

Inscribed stone set in outside wall of side chapel of St Michael the Archangel Church.

In Memoriam
1914 - 1918