Stone cross in St Paul's Churchyard, inscription on base of cross and front of base plinth.

2006 2009

Inscription on base of cross.

in the
Great War
1914 - 1918

Inscription on base plinth.

Ernest Brown. Harry Marshall.
James Christie. Henry Smith.
Daniel Dyer. Richard Smith.
Percy Eyres. Harry Thatcher.
David Ford. William Thatcher.
Edward Goodchild. Reginald Vince.
Thomas Hussey. Albert Withers.
Arthur Leake. William Withers.
George Lovelock. Herbert Englefield.
William Kernutt.

Hand written scroll framed on wall in St Paul's Church.

To The Glory of God
And in honoured Memory of the men of this Parish who served in the Great War. 1914-1918.

Fallen in Action.
Rest Eternal grant them O Lord, and let Light Perpetual shine upon them.

Ernest Brown
James Chrester.
Daniel Dyer

Herbert Englefield
Percy Eyres
David Ford
Edward Goodchild

Thomas Hussey
William Kernutt
Arthur Leake
George Lovelock

Harry Marshall
Henry Smith
Richard Smith
Harry Thatcher

Reginald Vince
Albert Withers
William Withers.

men whos lives were spared.

Frederick Appleton
Thomas Brown
Frederick Baker
Albert Bridgeman
Daniel Bridgeman
John Bridgeman
Arthur Butler
Albert Butler
Charles Butler
Daniel Butler
James Butler
Thomas Butler

Frank Butler
William Butler
Arthur Corsellis
Albert Cummins
Fred Cooper
Herbert Cooper
William Eyres
David Englefield
Hubert Ford
Victor Ford
Harry Fisher
Reginald Fisher
Walter Fisher

Frederick Goodchild
John Goodchild
George Goodchild
Hubert Goodchild
Raymond Hawkins
Frank Hopkins
Henry Hopkins
Raymond Hopkins
James Hussey
William Hussey
Albert Hedges
William Hedges

William Hutchings
Christopher Hutchings
Thomas Hutchings
Richard Lawrence
Lewis Lawrence
Douglas Lamb
Arthur North
Archie North
Leonard North
Albert North
Maurice Nixon
Robert Pocock
Arthur Pocock

Arthur Rabbits
Albert Rabbits
Joseph Smith
Walter Smith
Frank Stephens
Ernest Stephens
Norman Theaker
Alfred Vince
Edgar Vince
Alec Vince
George Withers
Frederick Withers