Cenotaph outside church in garden of remembrance.
(Originally in the High Street but moved in 1956.)

1986 2004

Front of memorial


To honour
the memory
of those
Men of Andover
who fell
the Great War
1914 - 1920

Thomas W. Adams. Joe H. Bentley.

Edward Alderman. Humphrey Berkeley.

R.G. Alexander. A. Ernest Bevis.

Henry Annett. H.G. Blackburn.

William Archer. Alfred H. Blake.

Jesse Ashford. Frank Blake.

William Baden. Frederick Blake.

Charles Baker. Henry Blanchard.

F. Albert Baker. Clifford Bourne.

Frederick Ball. Herbert Bower.

George Ball. Ralph Bowles.

William Ballard. C.H. Brackstone.

E. John Barrett. Charles Briant.

S.G. Baverstock. Edward Brooks.

Charles Beams. Charles Bromwich.

H.V.L. Beckingham. William Brown.

W. Richard Bendle. V.H. Buckland.

J.L.P. Talbot. J. Talmage.

J. Brackstone.

Right side of memorial


Gideon W. Bull. William Dowling.

Frederick Bunce. William G. Drew.

Edwin Burton. Harry P. Drury.

Walter Cannings. Frederick Fidler.

Edward Carter. Sidney H. Forder.

Albert H. Cattle. Harry Found.

John Chalk. George Frankum.

Hubert C. Child. Edward Gamman.

W.C. Chittenden. Gilbert Gamman.

Arthur Clapton. Leonard Gilbert.

A.G. Clayton. Edward F. Gillett.

J.G. Clayton. Leonard Gilson.

Albert Collins. Walter R. Glover.

George Cook. A.C. Goodyear.

William A. Cook. Francis H. Gould.

Edward E. Coster. William Goulding.

Herbert H. Cox. Alfred Harding.

William Creed. Alfred Harris.

Henry Crouch. Harry Hart.

William Crouch. Henry R. Hawkins.

Joseph Cummins. Ernest H. Heath.

William Cummins. William C. Heath.

Ernest Curtis. Thomas W. Heath.

Charles G. Dance. James Henbest.

Joseph Davey. Edgar Hendley.

R. Owen Dawkes. William Hendley.

Basil T. Deem. Alfred Hickman.

Albert Dewdney. Ernest Hoare.

Dennis Dollery. William Holloway.

Harry Stranger.

Back of memorial


Edwin Holton. Albert Loader.

Allan Horne. Sidney G.W. Lock.

William H. Horne. John Edgar Lynn.

Leslie H. Howard. Ernest Macknell.

John Hughes. Herbert Macknell.

Ernest A. Hunt. Leonard Maidment.

Edward J. Hurst. Harry Marlow.

Edwin Hutchence. Francis Marpole.

Claude G. Jacob. Horace Marpole.

William Jeffery. E. Charles Maton.

William Judkins. Walter May.

Fred Kalloway. F. Owen Maynard.

George Kalloway. W.F. Maynard.

F.J. Kempshall. Charles R. Miles.

A. Ernest Kent. Frederick Moore.

Phillip H. Keylock. Reginald Moore.

Henry Kilgour. John Mutter.

John Kite. Edwin Mutter.

R.N. Knatchbull. Ernest Mutter.

Thomas Knight. Bertie H. Neame.

Alec J. Laverty. Harry B. Newsam.

H. Charles Lawes. Harold Oakley.

Earl D. Lawes. Francis Parfett.

William Lawes. Harry Parfett.

W.C. Lawrence. Reginald Pearce.

Frank Layton. Charles Pickett.

Alan Leatherdale. Ernest Pickett.

D.R. Leatherdale. John Pledge.

Francis G. Lee. Harry Portsmouth.

Arthur H. Symons.

Left side of memorial


Albert Prout. Maurice C. Taylor.

Frank Rambridge. Harry Toomer.

Charles G. Read. C.A. Trowbridge.

Frank Read. B.H. Trueman.

E. Richardson. Augustus J. Tubb.

H. Richardson. Percy J. Turner.

P. Joseph Roche. William Turner.

Walter J. Rogers. Thomas F. Turton.

William Rushent. William R. Twinn.

Harry Russell. Sidney Vincent.

George Saunders. Victor Vincent.

F. Scadden. Edward W.J. Viney.

Charles Scarlett. Charles Warren.

Walter M. Sivier. Frederick Weare.

Cecil H. Skeates. Arthur Weeks.

Tom Skeates. Percy Weeks.

Harry G. Smart. Robert J.Weeks.

Arthur C.V. Smith. William Weeks.

Arthur R. Smith. Archie Wells.

Charles Smith. Stanley E. Wells.

Harry Smith. Fred Wheeler.

Herbert H. Smith. Albert G. White.

W. Joseph Soper. Edwin White.

Frank E. Stevens. William Wilkins.

William Stevens. Thomas Williams.

Leicester Sutton. George Willshire.

W.L.Taw-De-Vin. William Wilson.

A. Robert Taylor. Ernest Wiltshire.

Frank M. Taylor. Tom H. Witcher.

William Woodyer.

R.F.B. Robbins.

This memorial was erected during the Mayorality of Thos Webb 1919.

NB R F B Robbins name was added to the memorial February 2015.

Roll of honour book in glass cabinet in St Mary's Church, Andover.


In Proud & Honoured Memory of those from Andover who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914 - 1918 & in the World War of 1939 - 1945. + "Thou therefore, for whom they died, seek not thine own, but serve as they served & in peace or in war bear thyself ever as Christ's Sol- dier, gentle in all things, valliant in action, steadfast in adversity." Herbert Baker.

Thomas W. Adams
Edward Alderman
R.G. Alexander
Henry Annett
William Archer
Jesse Ashford
William Baden
Charles Baker
F. Albert Baker
Frederick Ball
George Ball

William Ballard
E. John Barrett
S.G. Baverstock
Charles Beams
H.V.L. Beckingham
W. Richard Bendle
Joe H. Bentley
Humphrey Berkeley
A. Ernest Bevis
H.G. Blackburn
Alfred H. Blake
Frank Blake

Frederick Blake
Henry Blanchard
Clifford Bourne
Herbert Bower
Ralph Bowles
C.H. Brackstone
J. Brackstone
Charles Briant
Edward Brooks
Charles Bromwich
William Brown
Gideon W. Bull

Frederick Bunce
V.H. Buckland
Edwin Burton
Walter Cannings
Edward Carter
Albert H. Cattle
John Chalk
Hubert C. Child
W.C. Chittenden
Arthur Clapton
A.G. Clayton
J.G. Clayton

Albert Collins
George Cook
William A. Cook
Edward E. Coster
Herbert H. Cox
William Creed
Henry Crouch
William Crouch
Joseph Cummins
William Cummins
Ernest Curtis
Charles G. Dance

Joseph Davey.
R. Owen Dawkes
Basil T. Deem
Albert Dewdney
Dennis Dollery
William Dowling
William G. Drew
Harry P. Drury
Frederick Fidler
Sidney H. Forder
Harry Found
George Frankum.

Edward Gamman
Gilbert Gamman
Leonard Gilbert
Edward F. Gillett
Leonard Gilson
Walter R. Glover
A.C. Goodyear
Francis H. Gould
William Goulding
Alfred Harding
Alfred Harris

Henry R. Hawkins
Ernest H. Heath
William C. Heath
Thomas W. Heath
James Henbest
Edgar Hendley
William Hendley
Alfred Hickman
Ernest Hoare
William Holloway
Edwin Holton
Allan Horne

William H. Horne
Leslie H. Howard
John Hughes
Ernest A. Hunt
Edward J. Hurst
Edwin Hutchence
Claude G. Jacob
William Jeffrey
William Judkins
Fred Kalloway
George Kalloway
F.J. Kempshall

A. Ernest Kent
Phillip H. Keylock
Henry Kilgour
John Kite
Charles P. Kiles
R.N. Knatchbull
Thomas Knight
Alec J. Laverty
H. Charles Lawes
Earl D. Lawes
William Lawes
W.C. Lawrence

Frank Layton
Alan Leatherdale
D.R. Leatherdale
Francis C. Lee
Albert Loader
Sidney G.W. Lock
John Edgar Lynn
Ernest Macknell
Herbert Macknell
Leonard Maidment
Harry Marlow
Francis Marpole

Horace Marpole
E. Charles Maton
Walter May
F. Owen Maynard
W.F. Maynard
Frederick Moore
Reginald Moore
John Mutter
Edwin Mutter
Ernest Mutter
Bertie H. Neame
Harry B. Newsam

Harold Oakley
Francis Parfett
Harry Parfett
Reginald Pearce
Charles Pickett
Ernest Pickett
John Pledge
Harry Portsmouth
Albert Prout
Frank Rambridge
Charles G. Read
Frank Read

E. Richardson
H. Richardson
P. Joseph Roche
Walter J. Rogers
William Rushent
Harry Russell
George Saunder
F. Scadden
Charles Scarlett
Walter M. Sivier
Cecil H. Skeates
Tom Skeates.

Harry G. Smart
Arthur C.V. Smith
Arthur R. Smith
Charles Smith
Harry Smith
Herbert H. Smith
W. Joseph Soper
Frank E. Stevens
William Stevens
Harry Stranger
Leicester Sutton
Arthur Symons

J.L.P. Talbot
J. Talmage
W.R. Taw-de-Vin
Maurice C. Taylor
A. Robert Taylor
Frank M. Taylor
Harry Toomer
C.A. Trowbridge
B.H. Trueman
Augustus J. Tubb
Percy J. Tuner
William Turner

Thomas F. Turner
William R. Twinn
Sidney Vincent
Victor Vincent
Edward W.J. Viney
Charles Warren
Frederick Weare
Arthur Weeks
Percy Weeks
Robert J. Weeks
William Weeks
Archie Wells

Stanley E. Wells
Fred Wheeler
Albert G. White
Edwin White
William Wilkins
Thomas Williams
George Willshire
William Wilson
Ernest Wiltshire
Tom H. Whitcher
William Woodyer

(Now WW2 names)

Written & Illuminated by C.A. Howard for Messrs. J. Wippell & Co. Ltd., at Exeter, Devon. A.D. 1951. LAUS DEO.


Brass plaque on wall in St Mary's Church, Andover.

To the glory of God & in loving memory of
Lieut. Colonel
Reginald Norton Knatchbull, D.S.O.
2nd Batt. Leicestershire Regt.
who gave his life for his Country when in Command
of his Regt. in Mesopotamia July 24th 1917, Aged Forty Five
He rests in the North British Cemetry, Bagdad.

He was educated at Hailbury, and the R.M.C. Sandhurst
He served in the Boer War in 1899-1900, & under Sir George White
took part in the Defence of Ladysmith. - He was Mentioned in
Despatches & was awarded the D.S.O. & The Queen's Medal with
five clasps,- He accompanied the Indian Expeditionary Force to
France in 1914 when he was severley wounded & again recieved
a serious wound at the attempted relief of Kut in 1916