Wooden shrine on wall in church with gold embossed panels of paper.

Top panel.


Left side panel.

In Glory will they Sleep and
Endless Sanctity.

Walker, W.E.
White, L.R.
Robinson, W.A.
Walker, E.G.
McNeill, N.
Trimmer, W.E.
Fowler, E.J.
Knight, E.W.
Browning, H.G.
Palmer, C.W.
Unwin, L.N.
Arnold, H.E.
White, Percy.
Webb, A.E.
Chesterfield, L.
Rogers, T.
Ruffle, A.
White, P.
Windham, A.R.S.
Dyer, E.A.
Bone, J.H.
Pope, R.J.
Harrison, F.C.
Burney, G.E.
Morgan, H.
Monger, S.
Worthington, A.G.
Hoskins, E.D.
Hurlock, W.
Stevens, A.
Stocker, A.F.
Cozens, A.
Fosbury, J.
Scarrott, H.
Allwork, W.J.

Palmer, C.H.
Pond, G.
Bone, E.
Chesterfield, B.F.
Bowers, A.
Watts, G.
Spreadbury, T.
Mason, A.E.
Amery, P.C.
Gunning, J.W.
Sumner, F.G.
Rogers, E.
Weeks, W.
Keeling, G.T.
Norris, E.L.
Knight, F.G.C.
Vince, F.G.C.
Christmas, A.
Whiting, H.J.
Rolfe, P.
Wood, G.
Everitt, F.E.
Lassam, E.J.
Bolton, G.C.
Doe, C.L.
Wright, A.
Newport, G.
Wildey, R.
Pink, E.
Jackson, F.
Morrant, W.C.
Carratt, F.J.
Spencer, W.H.
White, C.E.
Pink, A.M.

Pink, H.
Merrett, A.E.
Ellison, E.
Dicker, W.
Beagley, P.
Hay, W.
Warner, F.
Morgan, J.
Payne, H.
Coleman, A.
Allwork, H.W.
Turton, E.
Mills, G.
Lott, J.E.
Cooper, W.G.
Nash, H.T.
Porch, W.
Sparks, R.
Parrack, R.
Norris, A.J.
Etwell, A.
Norris, G.
Norris, J.
Lilywhite, J.
Bishop, F.W.
Cemery, A.F.
Marlow, P.
Pilcher, E.J.
Stewart, E.J.
Suttaby, J.
Page, C.F.
Appleford, A.
Wells, F.
Withers, H.
Gilliam, F.

Right side panel.

Dulce et decorum est, pro
Patria mori.

Osborne, W.
Emery, W.F.
Harris, C.
Tayler, P.
Poynter, H.U.
Hawkins, J.
Atkins, E.
Jeffery, T.F.
Pickett, A.
Ryder, W.S.G.
Spreadbury, J.
Beagley, C.
Aslett, S.
Lowis, J.R.
Clark, H.
Clark, S.
Amor, W.
Allen, J.H.
Brewer, W.G.
Flood, G.
Gill, H.
Grierson, J.
Hetherington, G.N.
Kenward, W.T.
Palmer, A.W.
Standing, J.W.
Ward, J.G.
Rogers, W.F.

Brier, V.W.
Warner, D.S.
Martin, R.A.J.
Steven, W.W.
Tull, A.W.H.
Lawrence, R.A.
Whitear, W.A.
Piper, A.S.
White, B.
Giles, E.W.
Small, G.
White, H.
Cole, W.
Hetherington, G.
Andrews, R.
Worsfold, P.
Payne, W.G.
Barnes, W.
Crampton, E.W.
Gates, A.D.J.
Gates, F.
Hagger, B.W.
Hopwood, M.
McArthur, R.
Powell, L.J.
Tarrant, G.F.
Wilson, J.A.

Albury, A.
Bond, H.G.
Haslitt, W.G.
Marlow, W.
Nelson, R.
Simpson, R.
Trimmer, W.J.
Hickman, G.
Knight, G.J.
Bluett, T.R.
Randall, W.D.
Gill, F.
White, H.J.
Tull, A.H.
Bown, H.
Hole, H.J.
Hood, G.
Beckingham, F.
Ellis, A.
Giles, P.
Gilham, E.J.
Harding, C.
Hurlock, H.
Mitchell, N.W.
Ryder, L.
Tune, H.G.
Hawkins, S.

These men laid down their
lives for their Country in
the Great European War +
1914 - 1918.

Marble tablet on wall in church.

For a remembrance before God
of those men of Alton who gave
their lives in the4 Great War 1914-18
this chapel has been restored
especially remembering
Vyvan & Francis Davenport &
John Aitken to whose memory
the figures of St. Michael and
St. George were here placed.

Brass plaque on wall in church.

In ever loving memory of
Lieut. John Rollo Lowis
aged 24
Hants Yeomanry
attached 15th Hants Regt.

Tempy. Major Tom Lowis Bourdillon
aged 29
8th King's Royal Rifle Corps

Lieut. Robin Lowis Campbell Brown
aged 22
8th Trench Mortar Battery,

Grandsons of John M and Ellen Lowis
of Amery House - Alton,
who fell in action in France
in the Great War in 1917 - 1918.

Stone plaque on wall in church.

In memory of
Annie Laura,
the beloved wife of Edward Dyer
died May 31st 1919, aged 73 years
Also of Edward Dyer,
for many years churchwarden
of this church,
died March 21st 1921, aged 75 years,
both buried in Hasings Cemetery.
Also of Edward Arnold,
Lieut. Shropshire Light Infantry,
son of the above,
killed in action in Gallipoli,
June 28th 1915.