Person Memorial

HIBBERD, H St Mary Bourne

HIBBERD, W Bighton

HIBBERD, W St Mary Bourne

HIBBERT, E Fyfield

HICKETTS, Albert E Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

HICKMAN, A Twyford

HICKMAN, J Twyford

HICKMAN, R Twyford

HICKS, S Hartley Wintney

HICKS, Walter Pamber Heath

HICKS, W S Grayshott

HIDER, Charles Stanley Burghclere

HIGGINS, F R Basingstoke - Queen Mary's School

HIGGINS, G R Basingstoke - Queen Mary's School

HIGGINS, Norman O Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

HILL, Albert Burghclere

HILL, Alec Pamber Heath

HILL, Arthur George Ashley

HILL, C Bighton

HILL, Douglas Littleton

HILL, Harold P Littleton

HILL, O Breamore

HILL, W Wherwell

HILL, William Burghclere

HILL, William Kimpton


HILLARY, Albert Hunton

HILLARY, F Basingstoke - Queen Mary's School

HILLARY, N Basingstoke - Queen Mary's School

HILLIER, Arthur Littleton

HILLIER, F W Littleton

HILLIER, Frederick W Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

HILLIER, J Weston Patrick

HILLIER, L B Hartley Wintney

HILLIER, P Hartley Wintney

HILLIER, S J Hartley Wintney

HILLIER, T W H Warsash

HILLIER, W Long Sutton

HILTON-JOHNSON, Cicely Winchester - Royal Hampshire County Hospital

HINTON, Annie Mottisfont

HINWOOD, M Broughton

HINWOOD, N Broughton

HINWOOD, S Over Wallop

HISCOCK, Frederick Langrish

HISCOCK, William Harbridge; Ibsley

HITCHCOCK, J H Grayshott