Person Memorial

COBB, E Twyford

COBERN, Morley T Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COBERN, Stanley F Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COCKS, T S Four Marks

COCKSHEAD, Harold Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COCKSHEAD, Reginald Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COCKSHEAD, William Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COFFIN, Alfred Hursley

COFFIN, E St Mary Bourne

COKER, J Boarhunt

COLBORNE, R James Damerham

COLE, A Grayshott

COLE, F Portsmouth - Water Company

COLE, Herbert East Stratton

COLE, Theodore Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COLE, Thomas East Stratton

COLE, William East Stratton

COLEBROOK, D Hatherden

COLEBROOK, E Hatherden

COLEBROOK, H Hatherden

COLEBROOK, L Hatherden

COLEMAN, F Twyford

COLEMAN, R Twyford

COLES, B Hartley Wintney

COLES, R Hartley Wintney

COLES, W G Nomansland

COLLARD, Charles Easton

COLLARD, George Easton

COLLINGS, G Holybourne

COLLINS, A Holybourne

COLLINS, E A Warsash

COLLINS, George East End

COLLINS, J Holybourne

COLLINS, M T Holybourne

COLLINS, Robert East End

COLLINS, V Holybourne

COLLINS, W Hatherden

COLLINS, W Wherwell

COLLIS, G H Grayshott

COLLIS, H Cliddesden

COLLIS, H Holybourne

COLLIS, T J Grayshott

COLWELL, B Southwick

COLWELL, C Southwick

COLWELL, R Southwick

COMPLIN, W J Holybourne

COMPTON, A Over Wallop

COMPTON, C Over Wallop

COMPTON, F Over Wallop

COMPTON, William Hursley

CONDUCT, W Twyford

CONNELL, E J Boarhunt

CONNOLLY, P Grayshott

CONRAN, P C Basingstoke - Queen Mary's School

CONSTABLE, Edith Winchester - Royal Hampshire County Hospital

CONWAY, Richard Littleton

COOK, ? Northington

COOK, A Hartley Wintney

COOK, A St Mary Bourne

COOK, Alfred St Mary Bourne

COOK, Alfred H St Mary Bourne

COOK, C Hartley Wintney

COOK, C F St Mary Bourne

COOK, E Tufton

COOK, F Hartley Wintney

COOK, F Over Wallop

COOK, F St Mary Bourne

COOK, Fanny Mottisfont

COOK, G Hartley Wintney

COOK, G C Hartley Wintney

COOK, G W St Mary Bourne

COOK, H Hartley Wintney

COOK, H Holybourne

COOK, H St Mary Bourne

COOK, J Hartley Wintney

COOK, J Holybourne

COOK, J H Hartley Wintney

COOK, Kingsmill Burghclere

COOK, O Hartley Wintney

COOK, P Hartley Wintney

COOK, R Hartley Wintney

COOK, R St Mary Bourne

COOK, S James St Mary Bourne

COOK, Samuel J Hartley Wintney

COOK, Sidney St Mary Bourne

COOK, T Monxton

COOK, T Wherwell

COOK, W Holybourne

COOK, W Twyford

COOK, W Wherwell

COOKE, Bertram Harbridge

COOMBE, Charles George Hinton Admiral

COOMBE, Donald Hinton Admiral

COOMBE, William Allan Hinton Admiral

COOMBER, A P Breamore

COOMBES, A Grayshott

COOMBES, Albert George Ibsley

COOMBES, J Grayshott

COOMBS, Denis Harbridge

COOMBS, F Portsmouth - Water Company

COOMBS, Henry Lockerley

COOMBS, Leonard Damerham

COOMBS, Leonard Lockerley

COOMBS, Lewis N Lockerley

COOMBS, Sidney J Harbridge

COOMBS, W Longstock

COOMBS, Wilfred Lockerley

COOPER, A Bullington

COOPER, A East Worldham

COOPER, A Sherfield on Loddon

COOPER, A G St Mary Bourne

COOPER, Alastair R Hursley

COOPER, Alfred Hartley Wintney

COOPER, C Hartley Wintney

COOPER, C St Mary Bourne

COOPER, C F Bullington

COOPER, Ernest Cheriton

COOPER, Ernest Privett

COOPER, F Hartley Wintney

COOPER, Francis Easton

COOPER, Fred Ashford Hill

COOPER, G T Hartley Wintney

COOPER, George Cheriton

COOPER, George J R Hursley

COOPER, H St Mary Bourne

COOPER, H L St Mary Bourne

COOPER, Herbert Ashford Hill

COOPER, J Basingstoke - Queen Mary's School

COOPER, J Hartley Wintney

COOPER, P St Mary Bourne

COOPER, T St Mary Bourne

COOPER, W East Worldham

COOPER, W G Monxton

COOPER, W G Over Wallop

COPPING, Leslie Privett

COPSEY, A Boarhunt

COPSEY, T Boarhunt

CORBIN, John Bucklers Hard

CORDERY, F Hartley Wintney

CORDERY, L Hartley Wintney



CORNELIUS, Albert Littleton

CORNISH, Alex Northington

CORNISH, Frederick Northington

CORNISH, G Grayshott

CORSELLIS, Arthur Ashford Hill

COSTER, J St Mary Bourne

COTTERELL, Alfred Northington

COTTERELL, Frederick Northington

COTTERELL, Guy Northington

COTTERELL, William Northington

COTTON, A Breamore

COTTON, H Grayshott

COTTON, W Grayshott

COUNDLEY, F Breamore

COURTNAGE, P East Worldham

COUSENS, Herbert Cheriton

COUSINS, F Twyford

COUSINS, W Twyford

COVE, F Hartley Wintney

COVEY, G Crondall

COWARD, Albert H W Hursley

COWDERY, H Hartley Wintney

COWDRAY, A Crondall

COWLAND, W S Twyford

COX, ? Holybourne

COX, A Four Marks

COX, A St Mary Bourne

COX, Albert Victor Burghclere

COX, Albert William Ibsley

COX, Alexander William Littleton

COX, Alfred Chawton

COX, Alfred Chawton

COX, Arch'd Steventon

COX, Archibald Percy Burghclere

COX, Cecil Charles Ibsley

COX, Charles Burghclere

COX, D Crondall

COX, E St Mary Bourne

COX, Edward Charles Burghclere

COX, Ernest William Ibsley

COX, George Hursley

COX, George Dunkerton Ibsley

COX, H Crondall

COX, H B St Mary Bourne

COX, Horace J Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COX, John Harbridge

COX, Lewis Martin

COX, R C Warsash

COX, Reginald H Winchester - St Peters Methodist Church

COX, T Four Marks

COX, W Hook

COX, W St Mary Bourne

COX, W Wherwell

COXEN, Robert Mottisfont

COXEN, William Mottisfont

COZENS, C Longstock

COZENS, F Longstock

COZENS, W T Warsash