Stone obelisk on plinth on Cokes Green in village.

Front face of plinth.

1914-1919 Remember those who died for us

Right side face of plinth.

M. Brewer R.N.Div.
F.J. Adams Worcester Reg
A.B. Aitken R.E.
J.C. Alder R.F.A.
K.B. Bastiani Rifle Brigade
H. Carben R.A.M.C.
E.A. Crooks Hants Regt.
G.A. Dennett Hants Regt.
H.B. Dowty Yorks & Lancs
R.R. Drake Canadian Eng
A.G.W. Grant Devon Regt.
J.J. Greelish Middlesex Regt.
E.R. Holbrook I.W. Rifles
A.H. Bastiani Devon Regt.

Back face of plinth.

A. Isaacs Royal Navy
C.J. Kelleway Hants Regt.
C.E. Miller R.G.A.
A.R. Morris Hants Regt.
M.P. Needham R.Warwick Regt.
H.G. Page Hants Regt.
R.E.M. Pakenham R.Munster Fus.
C.J.W. Pakenham Hants Regt.
E.W. Paul East Kent Regt.
H.P. Preece Royal Navy
L.F. Pulman M.G.C.
A.E.D. Reason R.Lancaster Regt.
L.A. Burchell R.G.A.

Left side face of plinth.

W.A. Reed R.F.A.
S.J.F. Russell R.G.A.
E.R. Russell R.F.A.
H.V. Russell R.F.A.
E.G. Shotter R.G.A.
W. Smith Seaforth Hldrs.
W.F.J. Symonds Lond Regt.
A.E. Vanner R.F.A.
O.R. Walford Hants Regt.
B. Waterhouse Royal Navy
E.T. Waterhouse R.F.A.
A.H. Waterhouse R.Fusiliers
W.A. Ellender Canadian Arty.

Marble tablet on wall behind choir stalls in Christchurch church.

Front face of plinth.

To the memory of those who died in the Great War 1914-1919 Royal Navy Waterhouse.B Preece.H.P Isaacs.A Elliott.W.C.A 2/Lt R.M.L.I Brewer.M R.N.Div. Army

Waterhouse.R.T R.F.A
Alder.J.C ..
Vanner.A.E ..
Russell.E.R ..
Russell.H.V ..
Simmonds.B.C ..
Reed.W.A ..
Phillips.F.R Act Br ..
Webb.W.H ..
Burchell.L.A MC Lt R.G.A
Russell.S.J.F ..
Shotter.E.G MM Cpl ..
Aitken.A.B MC Maj R.E

Paul.E.W E.Kent.R
Reason.A.E.D R.Lanc.R
Needham.M.P Lt R.War.R
Waterhouse.A.H R.Fus
Grant.A.G.W Lt Col Devon.R
Bastiani.A.H ..
Pakenham.C.J.W Lt Hamps.R
Holbrook.E.R ..
Kelleway.C.J ..
Morris.A.R ..
Page.H.G ..
Crooks.E.A Lce Cpl ..
Dennett.C.A ..

Hume.C.G Lt S.Staff.R
Hume.E.A Capt ..
Adams.F.J Worc.R
Greelish.J.J Lce Cpl Middx.R
Smith.W Sea.Highrs
Pakenham.R.E.M Capt R.Muns.Fus
Bastiani.K.B Sgt Rif.Brig
Pulman.L.F M.G.C
Dowty,H.B Yorks&Lancs
Edmunds.E.J R.A.S.C M.T
Drake.R.R Can.Eng
Carben.H R.A.M.C
Walford.O.R 2/Lt Hamps.R

"Live thou for England - we for England died"

Underneath this tablet is a wooden shelf with the inscription

In memory of C.G.B, and those who fell 1914-1918.

Marble tablet on wall in Christchurch church

In loving memory of Melville Brewer. Royal Naval Division who was killed in action at Gallipoli June 1915. Aged 26 years.

Marble tablet on wall in Christchurch church

In loving memory of Major Archibald Bruce Aitken MC. R.E. Born at Totland Bay. Killed near Baghdad August 4th 1919, and buried there aged 26 years. Greatly gifted and beloved. "Faithful unto death."