Bronze plaque in inset in old Town Hall.

Borough and District of Ryde In ever grateful remembrance of those whose names are inscribed hereon, who, at the call of King and Country, left all that was dear to them for the path of duty and self-sacrifice, endured hardships, faced dangers and finally gave their lives that others might live in freedom. Great War 1914-1918

G.H. Abbott.
E.A. Abrook.
G.L. Alexander.
C.F. Allen.
H.G. Allen.
A. Ash.
E. Ash.
F.W. Ash.
G. Ash.
A.F. Attrill.
A.G. Attrill.
A.S. Attrill.
F.J. Attrill.
F.W. Attrill.
H. Attrill.
H.G. Aylward.
G. Baker.
O.M.F. Baker.
A.E. Ball.
A.L. Ball.
A.W. Balders
W. Ballard.
J.J. Barnes.
E.J. Bartlett.
T. Bartlett.
F. Bartley.
W.G. Barton.
A.F. Baxter
H. Beard.
A.S. Bennett.
D. Berry.
F. Bessant.
H. Bessant.
R.J. Bettenson.
C.E. Blake.
O. Blake.
L.V. Blyth.
T.P. Bonham.
F.J. Bourne.
G.F. Brett.
W.F. Brooke.
H. Brown.
H.F.A. Brown.
L.C. Brown.
W.R. Brown.
W.H. Buckett.

W.G. Bugden.
A. Bull.
J.A.G. Burnett.
W.L. Burt.
A.W. Bushell.
G.H. Butcher.
T.H. Butcher.
W. Butcher.
C. Butler.
A.M. Byng.
J. Callaway.
R.N. Caws. M.C.
F. Chalmers.
G. Chapman.
H.R.V. Clarke.
W.A. Colenutt.
L.W. Colyer.
C. Cook.
G.E. Cook.
S.J. Cook.
Alb. Cooke.
Arn. Cooke.
B.R. Cooke.
W.F. Cooke.
W.W. Compton.
A.E. Coombes.
Violet G. Coombes.
F. Cooper.
J. Cooper.
N.C. Cooper.
W. Corney.
A.E. Cossins.
W.P. Cotton.
E.W. Cowles.
G. Cox.
P. Coyne.
A.B. Crabb.
W.T. Crask.
E.W. Crews.
F.G. Crews.
G.H. Crockford.
C. Curtis.
J.D. Daniels.
O. Dash.
R.P. Dashwood.
N. Dedman.

R. Derry.
I. Devereaux.
C.E. Dibbens.
A.W. Dickens.
E. Dimmick.
J.E. Down.
E.C. Downer.
S.C. Downer.
H. Driver.
R. Driver.
K.D. Dunbar.
L.H. Dunning.
E. Dyer.
H.J. Dyer.
E.W. Earwicker.
C. Eddis.
S.H. Edmonds.
A. Eldridge.
W.C. Eley.
E.H. Evans.
G. Fetherstonhaugh.
R. Fetherstonhaugh.
J.E. Flint.
G. Foot.
A.E. Foulkes.
W.W.C. Fowles.
A.C. Frampton.
H. Freeman.
R.G. French.
H. Furmidge

A.E. Gatrall.
F.W. Gawn.
T. Gawn.
C. Gladdis.
J.W.E. Glover.
W.F. Godwin.
S.E. Gordon.
H. Gramshaw.
W.C. Gregory.
G. Griffin.
H. Griffiths.
J. Grist.
B.C. Groves.
B.W. Groves.
C.E. Guy.
F.J. Guy.
W.J. Guy.
T. Hagan.
H. Hall.
H.P. Handley.
F. Harper.
D.H. Harrison.
A.J. Hartnall.
C.R. Harvey.
E.J. Hassard.
E. Hatcher.
E.A. Hawkins.
W. Hayden.
E.J. Hayles.
P. Hendy.

A.W. Henton.
A.L. Hillier.
D.G. Hills.
G.G. Hills.
F.C. Hilton.
A.E. Holbrook.
G.W. Hollis.
W.T. Hollis.
A.W. Howe.
C.W. Hull.
G. Hunt.
W.H. Hunt.
W.A. Hunter.
F.R. Hutt.
F.H. Ibbetson.
F. Jackson.
C.M. Jacobs.
E.C. Jacobs.
P. Jacobs.
A.H. James.
B.J. James.
C.J. James.
D.S. James.
F.C. James.
F.J. James.
A. Jones.
F.L. Joy.
C.M. Keen.
D.G. Kemp, M.C.
W.T. Keynes.

A.R. King.
W.G. Kinggett.
L.A. Kinshott.
R.S. Knott.
A.C. Langdon.
W.E. Langdon.
P. Latham.
V.A. Lavers, M.C.
F.H. Leale.
L.J. Le Fleming.
B.R. Leibert.
E. Le Manquais.
A. Letchford.
E.H. Lewis.
J. Life.
W.H. Linington
H.J. Locke.
I.S. Locke.
V. Lovell.
E. Mabey.
K.I. Mackenzie.
H. Mackie.
I. Maclean.
W.J. Mclean.
A.A. McLeod.
G.C.S. Macleod.
G.H. Marchant.
A.H. Marlow.
A.B. Marris.
G.A. Matthews.

R. Merwood.
G.H. Mitchell.
H. Morey.
J. Morey.
G.E. Morgan.
A.C. Morris.
F.F. Morris.
W. Moses.
E.C.A. Munford.
S.F. Munford.
K.A.B. Murray.
W.R.C. Murray.
J. Nash.
G.C. Newman.
W. Nicholson.
A.P. Orchard.
H.G. Orchard.
G. Osborne.
F. Osman.
J. Osmond.
G.B. Owens.
T. Packer.
C.P. Parry.
H. Parsons.
W.G. Parsons.
W. Pegg.
H. Penny.
R.W. Pentelow.
G.W. Purkis.
J.J. Petty.

E.M. Phair.
G.H. Philips.
G. Phillips.
R.W. Picknell.
G. Pilkington.
H.F. Powell.
S.J. Powell.
J.H. Pragnell.
C.F. Pryce-Hamilton.
A.C. Purnell.
S. Purnell.
C.S. Quelch.
C. Ramsay.
P.R. Rands.
R.A. Rands.
A. Rashley.
A.E. Rayner.
A.S. Rayner.
F. Read.
W.G. Redstone.
J.F. Reeves.
E. Rich.
J.E. Richards.
W. Richards.
W.A. Richards.
N.L. Riddett.
W.G. Ridgley.
G. Rooke.
S. Russell
T.J. Russell.

F. Ryall.
G. Ryall.
W. Ryall.
G.J. Ryan. D.S.C.
F. Sandalls.
T.R. Sanger.
E. Saunders.
P.T. Scammell.
F.G. Scarth.
D.R.G. Scovell.
R.H. Scovell.
L. Searle.
C.E. Shawyer.
A.W. Shephard.
H. Sheppard.
W.E.A. Sheppard.
T.M. Shore.
R.J. Sibley.
W.G. Silvester.
H.H. Sims.
D. Sivell.
F.J. Smith.
G. Smith.
R.T. Smith.
E.J. Sothcott.
C.V. southwell.
E.G. Spencer.
A.E. Spragg.
F. Squibb.
A.C. Stamp.
A.T. Stickland.
T. Stocks.
H. Street.
G.S. Sutton.
W.J. Sutton.
C.D.D. Swain.
E. Sweetman.
W.C. Tayler
C.F. Taylor.
G. Taylor.
R.A. Teague.
W. Toogood.
W. Tucker.
J.E. Tuckwell.
A.C. Tully.
A. Underhill.

A.E. Unwin.
P.C. Vessey.
V.V. Vessey.
E.W. Ward.
F. Ward.
R.P. Warman.
A.S. Waterman.
A.J. Watson.
H.W. Watson.
B. Weaving.
G. Weaving.
C.G. Weeks.
E. Weeks.
E. Weeks.
A. Wendes.
A. Weston.
A.E. White.
H.F. White.
WalJ. White.
Wm.J. White.
W.T. White.
E.B. Whittingstall.
G. Whittingstall.
H.J. Whittington.
W.E. Whittington.
F. Wickens.
A.G. Williams.
G.H. Williams.
L.A. Williams.
S.H. Williams.
F. Wilmer.
J.P. Winstanly.
E.S. Wise.
S. Wise.
F.H. Wolfe.
W.M. Wolfe.
A.V.G. Woodford.
A.J. Woodford.
A.O. Woodnutt.
J. Woodnutt.
W.A.R. Woollett.
D. Wright.
V. Wright.
E.E. Young.
F.A.V. Vanner.

See to it ye who come after that they be not forgotten. Thjis memorial was unveiled on Sunday the 13th August 1922 by the Most Honourable the Marquess of Carrisbrooke, G.C.V.O. Alderman Arthur Andrews, J.P., Mayor.