Stone shrine with lead plaques - each side of the altar - on the hillside just outside village.

On top above gates to shrine.

To the glory of God and to the dearly loved memory of their second son Richard Thomas Cyril 2nd Lieut. 1st/1st Hants R.H.A. BNorn Aug. 3rd 1896 killed in action at ther Battle of Romani Egypt Aug. 4th 1916 + and to the memory of those from the Parishes of Binstead & havenstreet who also laid down their lives in the Great War 1014 - 1919. This shrine is dedicated by John & Violet Willis Fleming of Binstead House. But they are in peace for God proved them and found them worthy for himself.

Left lead tablet.

Havenstreet. Pray for the souls of these gallant men.

Cpl. Ernest Barton. M.G.C.
L.Sgt. Rowland Brown 14th Hants
Pte. Wilfrid Edmunds 1st Dorsets
S.S. Percy Fleming R.F.A.
L.Sgt. Edward James 6th Dorsets
Pte. Leslie James M.G.C.
L.Cpl. Edward Miles 1/8th Hants
Rfm. Evelyn Newman 1/8th Hants
L.Cpl. Alfred Salmon 1/8th Hants
Rfm, Edgar Salmon 1/8th Hants
L.Cpl. James Salmon 14th Hants
Sgt, John Salmon 1st Hants
Gnr. Alfred Warren R.F.A.
Pte. Arthur Warren 1st Dorsets
Sgt. Ernest White 2nd Worcesters

Right lead tablet.

Binstead. Pray for the souls of these gallant men.

Pte. Frederick Baker A.S.C.,M.T.
L/Cpl. James Boyce 1st Grenadier Guards
Pte. Herbert John Buckingham 75th Canadians
Sto. Harry Clements H.M.S."Penarth"
Cpl. Albert Cooke 1st Hants
Pte. Arnold Cooke 1st Kings Liverpools
Sgt. W. Arthur Cogger 1/11th Hants
Pte. John Algar Cox 2nd East Lancs
Pte. Frederick Dyer D.C.L.I.
2nd Lieut. Richard T.C. Willis-Fleming 1/1 Hants R.H.A.
Pte. Aubrey Frampton 2nd Irish Guards.
Revd. David Guthrie O.S.B. C.F.
Pte. William Frank Godwin D.L.I.
N.Inst. George Harris Royal Navy
Pte. Horace Percival Jolliffe 47th Canadians
L/Cpl. William James Lane 1/8th Hants
L.Sto. Frederick Meecham H.M.S."Invincible"
Pte. Frank Meecham 1st Worcesters
Pte. Thomas Russell 8th the Queens
Rfm. Sidney William Russell 1/8th Hants
C.S.M. Charles James Salmon 2nd Hants
Pte. Harry Sheppard 1/8th Hants
Pte. Frederick George Walker 3rd Grenadier Gds
Pte. William Harry Yeates 1/10th Hants

Wooden plaque with copper inset on wall in St Peter's Church.

1914 1918 To the glory of God and in honoured memory of the men of this parish who fell in the Great War.

Ernest Barton M.G.C.
RowlandBrown 14th Hants
Joseph Butler R.G.A.
Arthur Coombes R.F.A.
Wilfrid Edmunds 1st Dorsets
Percy Fleming R.F.A.
Edward James 6th Dorsets

Leslie James M.G.C.
Herbert Mew R.N.
Edward Miles 1/8th Hants
Evelyn Newman 1/8th Hants
Edgar Salmon 1/8th Hants
Alfred Salmon 1/8th Hants
James Salmon 14th Hants

John Salmon 1st Hants
Alfred Warren R.F.A.
Arthur Warren 1st Dorsets
Sidney Wale 2/6th C.L.R.
Hubert Watson 1/8th Hants
Ernest White 2nd Worcesters

"Grant them O Lord eternal rest."