Stone cross in All Saints Churchyard, inscriptions on faces of plinth.

Around very bottom plinth faces.

In memory of those from this parish who fell in the Great War 1914-1919 Their name liveth for evermore

?? face.

Keith K. Ayles Sto. R.N.
William H. Baker Sergt. R.G.A.
Hilton Barnes Rfn. Hamps.R.
Harry Bartlett P.O. R.N.
James H. Barton Br. R.G.A.
Charles Brice Sergt. R.G.A.
Jesse Brine Pte. Som.L.I.
Fred Burton Br. R.G.A.
William Cake P.O. R.N.
John E. Carpenter Pte. Som.L.I.
William Carroll Corp. R.G.A.
Percy Cook Br. R.F.A.(T.)
William Cook Gr. R.F.A.(T.)
William G. Cook Pte. Hamps.R.
J. Edwin H. Coombes Lt. Bord.R.
H. Temple Cotton D.S.C. Lt.Col. S.Lan.R.
Herbert Cotton Br. R.F.A.(T.)
John G. Crooks Pte. Hamps.R.
Edwin A. Crooks L.Corp. Hamps.R.
Frederick C. Dibden Corp. North.Fus.
Albert J. Argyle Pte. North.Fus.

?? face.

Douglas G. Diffey Pte. Lond.R.
William H. Dimmick Pte. Hamps.R.
Reginald R. Drake Spr. Can.R.E.
Davis A. Duncan Flt.S/Lt. R.N.
Lawrence Eldridge Gr. R.H.A.
Thomas S. Gallop 2/Lt. Can.R.A.F.
Gadfrey Gilbert L.Corp. R.E.
Thomas Gilbert Gr. R.G.A.
Charles Goldie M.M. C.S.M. Worcs.R.
Gerald Gosden Dr. R.F.A.(T.)
H. De Butts Grant Capt. R.F.A.
Edward G. Green Pte. Drag.Gds.
Charles J. Gregory Dr. R.F.A.(T.)
Sidney Grimes Gr. R.G.A.
William J. Hutchings Pte. Can.Inf.
George H. Justice Capt. R.Innis.Fus.
S.W. Loudoun-Shand V.C. Maj. York.R.
Ernest Lowe Dr. R.F.A.(T.)
William T. Mead P.O. R.N.

?? face.

George H. Merwood Gr. R.F.A.(T.)
Arthur C. Mitchell Gr. R.F.A.(T.)
Raymond Morgan Pte. Wilts.R.
Ronald R. O'Conor 2/Lt. C.Gds
Harry Orchard Pte. Can.Highs.
Frederick R. Phillips Gr. R.F.A.(T.)
Walter Phillip Pte. A.I.F.
J. Christopher W. Poulter Corp. R.Suss.R.
Frederick C. Pragnell Gr. R.F.A.(T.)
Frederick Priddle Sergt. R.F.A.
Edward J. Pritchard Sto. R.N.
William A. Reed Gr. R.F.A.(T.)
Robert Rolfe Br. R.G.A.
William H Rolfe Br. R.F.A.
Ernest R. Russell Gr. R.G.A.
Harold V. Russell Dr. R.F.A.(T.)
Archibald Saunders L.Cp. R.W.Surr.
Percy J. Shelfer Gr. R.F.A.
Ernest Shotter M.M. Corp. R.G.A.
Bertram C. Simmonds Dr. R.F.A.(T.)

?? face.

John W. Slingsby Corp. R.G.A.
Percy Smith P.O. R.N.A.S.
Benjamin Spencer Pte. N.Lan.R.
Arthur Spencer Pte. North.Fus.
Edmund D. Spicer 2/Lt. R.F.C.
Frank W. Symmans Gr. R.G.A.
A. Audrey Tennyson Capt. Rif.Brig.
Harold C. Tennyson S/Lt. R.N.
H. Leslie Terrey Maj. R.G.A.
George E. Toogood Sergt. R.A.F.
J.W. Towers-Clark Lt. R.Sc.Fus.
S. Frank Urry Pte. Lond.R.
Oliver R. Walford 2/Lt. Hamps.R.
Norman WellingtonDr. R.F.A.
David Wetherall M.M. Q.M.S. R.G.A.
Wallace Whitewood Pte. Hamps.R.
Arthur Whittington Sergt. R.E.
Charles E.A. Wilson Capt. R.A.M.C.
Laurence T. Wilson 2/Lt. R.G.A..
Percy Windebank C.S.M. Hamps.R.

Names added later on ledge, becoming difficult to read.

Albrt T. Wilson Gr. R.G.A.
Victor A. Legg Dr. R.F.A.(T.)
Gilbert W. Cooper Pte. Dorset.R.
Hilton A.C. Mew Spr. R.E.
Bert Riddett Pte. Dorset.R.
W. Barrington Silver Maj. R.I.Fus.
Robert C. Smith Gr. R.F.A.(T.)
Thomas W. Smith Gr. R.F.A.(T.)

Marble plaque on wall in All Saints Church.

(Of Audrey, wife of Hallam Lord Tennyson &) Also in loving memory of Harold Courtenay Tennyson R.N. youngest son of Hallam Lord Tennyson and Audrey Lady Tennyson Navigating Sub Lieutenant in H.M.S. Viking who was killed on active service in the English Channel he gave his life to serve his God his King and his Country in defence of truth liberty and justice and rest with his mother in this churchyard his last message was "I have only done my duty as a man is bound to do and I die with a joyful spirit." Born April 27 1896 Died January 29 1916. God's finger touched him and he slept.

Marble plaque on wall in All Saints Church.

(Of Hallam Lord Tennyson &) Also in loving memory of Alfred Audrey Tennyson second son of Hallam Lord Tennyson and Audrey Lady Tennyson Captain 9th Battalion Rifle Brigade and on Staff. Served in France, Belgium and the Balkans. Born 2nd May 1891 killed in action at Fleury le Martel 23rd March 1918. We doubt not that for one so true --- there must be other nobler work to do.