Person Memorial

O'HALLORAN, C G Portsmouth - Main Memorial

O'HARA, Christine Southampton - Main Memorial

OLDACRES, Leonard John Winchester - Winchester College

OLDBURY, William Southampton - Main Memorial

OLDEN, D E Portsmouth - Main Memorial

OLDEN, G W Lockerley

OLDEN, R S Awbridge

OLDFIELD, Stanley Southampton - New Main Memorial

OLDHAM, C M Whitchurch; Southampton - Ordnance Survey; Winchester - Peter Symonds School

OLDING, Cecil Charles Eastleigh; Eastleigh - All Saints Church

OLDING, W G Portsmouth - Main Memorial

OLDREIVE, E W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

OLDREIVE, S P Portsmouth - Main Memorial

O'LEARY, R H Portsmouth - Main Memorial

OLFORD, Frank Rendle Southampton - Main Memorial; Southampton - New Main Memorial

O'LEARY, P F Basingstoke - Main Memorial

OLIVE, Mary Ann Southampton - Main Memorial

OLIVER, C W Portsmouth - Main Memorial

OLIVER, D S Basingstoke - Main Memorial; Worting

OLIVER, Harold Ampfield

OLIVER, R Portsmouth - Main Memorial

OLIVER, V H Bramshott

OLIVER, Victor Southampton - Main Memorial; Southampton - Ordnance Survey

OLIVER, Winifred Betty Southampton - Main Memorial; Southampton - Ordnance Survey

OLLEY, M G Southampton - Ordnance Survey

OLSEN, John G Southampton - Main Memorial

O'MAHONY, Patrick Basingstoke - Catholic Church of The Holy Ghost; Basingstoke - Main Memorial