Stone calvary on roadside in village, names on bronze panels on wood near base of calvary.

Left Panel.

William Abery.
John A. Ainslie.
Percy Alderman.
Herbert J. Backhurst.
Wilfred W. Blackden.
Alfred Blackman.
George Brench.
Wynyard K. Brown.
Herbert Bunch.
Charles Butler.
Henry Cotterill.
Frederick Davis.
John Chute Ellis.
Archibald Goodall.
Frederick Grainger.
Mark Hammond.
George Harris.
Henry Harris.
Arthur Harrison.
William Hearmon.
John Hicks.

Right Panel.

Thomas W. Hicks.
Reginald F. Hicks.
Robert W. Hoile.
Harry Hooper.
James A. Horne.
William Hudson.
Cecil H. Ker.
Arthur Larder.
Clarence R. Legg.
Reginald Legg.
Charles M. Macrae.
John C. Mills.
Wilfred J. Maybanks.
Arthur Mustow.
Edward C. Robertson.
John I. Royds.
James H. Sillence.
Herbert Stooks.
Lloyd Wheeler.
Frank Winch.
Charles C. Wooldridge.

On face of steps at bottom of memorial.

To the memory of the men of Yateley
who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.
Grant them O Lord eternal rest.

"Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Wooden plaque on wall in St Peter's Church.

To the memory of the men of Yateley
who gave their lives in the cause of freedom

1914 - 1919

William Abery
John A Ainslie
Percy Alderman
Herbert J Backhurst
Wilfred W Blackden
Alfred Blackman
George Brench
Wynyard K Brown
Herbert Bunch
Charles Butler
Henry Cotterill

Frederick Davis
John Chute Ellis
Archibald Goodall
Frederick Grainger
Mark Hammond
George Harris
Henry Harris
Arthur Harrison
William Hearmon
John Hicks
Thomas W. Hicks

Reginald F Hicks
Robert W Hoile
Harry Hooper
James A Horne
William Hudson
Cecil H Ker
Arthur Larder
Clarence R Legg
Reginald Legg
Charles M Macrae
Wilfred J Maybanks

John C Mills
Arthur Mustow
Edward C Robertson
John I Royds
James H Sillence
Herbert Stooks
Bertie L Vokes
Lloyd Wheeler
Frank Winch
Charles C Wooldridge

(Now WW2 names)